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Veterans of Iraq and AfghanistanThe Texas Veterans Leadership Program is a Texas Workforce Commission resource and referral network. It connects returning veterans with the resources they need to lead productive lives and enjoy the full benefits of the society they have willingly served.

Veterans Resource & Referral Specialists 

Our Veterans Resource and Referral Specialists are assigned to each of the 28 Workforce Development Board areas. They work closely with staff members from Workforce Solutions offices and the Texas Veterans Commission. These specialists understand the needs of veterans because they also are veterans. All 23 Veterans Resource and Referral Specialists are veterans who have served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. 

This network of returning veterans plays a key role in addressing the needs of other returning veterans.  Returning veterans might need help with employment, training, education, and other needs.

The Veterans Resource and Referral Specialists will:

  • Find veterans who need support or services
  • Be a resource and guide, leading returning veterans to services that fit their needs
  • Refer and work together with:
    • Employment 
    • Training
    • Medical care 
    • Mental health
    • Counseling
    • Benefits 
    • Many other helpful programs
  • Organize a group of volunteer veterans who will guide and assist their fellow veterans

Contact your local Veterans Resource and Referral Specialist