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Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) wants to make sure that students with disabilities in Texas are prepared for jobs. They do this by offering training in job skills, helping students explore different careers, and offering work experience. They also help students continue their education after high school.  This includes ongoing collaboration between TWC and the Texas Workforce Solutions network. 

The Requirements for Vocational Rehabilitation Services Provided by Local Workforce Development Boards (Board VR Requirements) helps TWC and local boards work together to help students with disabilities find jobs. Although the individual programs may differ, the collaboration and coordination plays a vital role in connecting people with disabilities to successful employment.

Board VR Requirements Manual

This Board VR Requirements Manual does a few things:

  1. It ensures that students have access to good services that will help them find a job.
  2. It ensures that money spent on these services is used well and gives the best value.
  3. It provides rules and guidelines for how TWC and local boards implement programs and manage funding.
  4. It sets expectations for how the programs should work for students with disabilities.

As new programs are developed and implemented, they will be added to this manual.

Summer Earn and Learn services include Work Readiness Training and Paid Work Experience for students with disabilities.

Chapter 1: Summer Earn and Learn (SEAL)

Local Workforce Development Boards partner with the Texas Workforce Commission-Vocational Rehabilitation Division (TWC-VR) to pay wages and associated taxes and fees so customers with disabilities can engage in paid work experiences.

Chapter 2: Paid Work Experience Services

Student HireAbility Navigators serve as resources in the workforce development area to support, expand, and enhance the provision of pre-employment transition services to students with disabilities who are in the early phases of preparing for transition to postsecondary education and employment.

Chapter 3: Student HireAbility Navigator Project 

The Board VR Contract Standards 

  • Outlines the roles, responsibilities, coordination of, and fee structure for each of the three Board-VR services;
  • Establishes basic standards that apply to all of the services; 
  • Provides published standards for maintaining compliance; and
  • provides criteria in order to meet TWC performance expectations for each purchase.

All policies established in this chapter apply to Summer Earn and Learn (SEAL), Wage Services for VR Participants in Paid Work Experience (PWE), and the Student HireAbility Navigator programs unless otherwise specified.

Chapter 4: Board VR Contract Standards

To access all Board VR Requirements Revisions, please click below:

Board VR Requirements Manual Revision Log