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Requesting Information for External Research Purposes

Research Evaluation Request

Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) supports well-founded research regarding employment and training. However, the agency by law must protect the confidentiality of the individuals and employers it serves consistent with applicable laws. TWC will generally only release information or data that does not identify people, unless there is an allowable exception to disclosure.

The guidelines below pertain to external research requests for information that is not publically available through reports on the agency's website. For other types of requests, see TWC Open Records Requests.

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Request Process

  • To get our Research Evaluation Request form or ask for informal feedback on your planned information request before you submit it, email
  • To submit a request, email your completed Research Evaluation Request form to
  • We will evaluate submitted requests and let you know whether your request has been approved or denied.  If it is approved, we will send you any additional required documentation.

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General Guidelines for Research Requests

TWC generally consents to methodologically-sound research addressing an important issue regarding employment and training, if it meets the following criteria:

  • The request is not unduly intrusive to and does not unduly compromise the confidentiality of individual or employers currently or formerly in the TWC system.
  • The request does not unduly compromise the confidentiality or privacy rights of TWC staff.
  • The request is not unduly burdensome on TWC staff or resources.

TWC generally only releases information or data in a de-identified form unless there is a compelling need for identifying information with a signed authorization or as an allowable governmental exception permitting release.  

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