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Members of the Business Enterprises of Texas Elected Committee of Managers (Committee) are elected by district. Votes are cast by secret ballot within designated districts by Texans who are blind who have been licensed as food service managers by the federally-sponsored, state-administered Business Enterprises of Texas (BET) program. Members may be appointed by the Chairperson where no suitable member can be elected.


Committee members must:

  • Currently manage a BET facility
  • Have managed a BET facility for a minimum of one year
  • Be responsible and willing to promote the advancement of the BET program on behalf of licensees and vendors in their district
  • Represent a designated district, with one member elected from each district
  • Together, represent all BET managers on the basis of geography, BET facility type and facility size


  • District 1: South Austin
  • District 2: Fort Worth
  • District 3: Houston
  • District 4: San Antonio
  • District 5: El Paso
  • District 6: North Austin


All members serve a two year term, beginning January 1, and there is no limit on number of terms served.

Elected officers serve one year, or until the expiration of their term if expiring in less than one year.


The Chairperson, Vice Chairperson and Treasurer are chosen from the elected members by majority vote and make up the Executive Committee.

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Role & Function

The Business Enterprises of Texas (BET) Elected Committee of Managers (Committee) must collaborate with the State Licensing Agency to:

  • Make major administrative, policy and program development decisions affecting the Business Enterprises of Texas (BET) program
  • Receive and communicate grievances to the State Licensing Agency on behalf of BET licensees or vendors who are blind, and serve as advocates for people who file grievances
  • Develop and administer a state system to transfer and promote BET program licensees or vendors who are blind
  • Develop training and retraining programs for BET program licensees or vendors who are blind
  • Sponsor meetings and instructional conferences for BET program licensees or vendors who are blind

Meetings & Workshops

Members are required to attend semiannual meetings, the second Saturday in October and in April, and workshops in January and July. The Chairperson may also require additional workshops.


  • Resolution Committee: Provides guidance on any resolution that may affect the BET program, to ensure that they are beneficial
  • Finance Committee: Drafts a budget for ECM and fundraises as needed
  • Election Committee: Coordinates elections for each district

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