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Business Enterprises of Texas offers Texans who are blind or visually impaired profitable and fulfilling entrepreneurial opportunities that foster financial independence and expand their economic horizons.

Instructions for Business Enterprises of Texas Monthly Facility Reporting

BET Active Licensed Managers must submit monthly financial reports for their facility by the tenth business day of the following month.

Log in BET ( 

Using an Internet Browser

When accessing the BET web site you can use any browser, however, it is recommended by the site developer that you use Chrome, otherwise you may experience issues accessing the PDF documents and when making a payment at the TEX.GOV site for Set Aside. This is because the BET site links to an external site to process charges which is compatible with Chrome and JAWS.

Links and Buttons

Links can be accessed using Insert + F7, this will bring up a list of links in a dialog box. You may also use U for unvisited links, or V for visited links, when you are not in Forms Mode.

Note: Forms Mode is when JAWS interacts with a form control, such as: edit boxes, combo boxes, radio buttons, and check boxes.  When spacebar is pressed, the user will hear a low pop, editing can commence thereafter. To leave forms mode press escape, you will hear a high pitch pop. 

Buttons can be navigated by pressing B when out of Forms Mode. Also, by pressing Insert + control + B, this will bring up a dialog box with a list of buttons.

Note: about Expenses Data Form, when using the Add Row button, focus is added to the first cell last row added.

Editing a Form Control

You will be asked to enter information throughout the BET page. Here is a method to try. 

  1. Press F to navigate to the first edit field. Note if you keep pressing F you can quickly navigate thru all the form fields. When you want to interact with one of the form fields press spacebar, you will hear a high pop. This will indicate Forms Mode and you can enter information.
  2. When in forms mode press tab, to move to the next form control.
  3. If you are in a table and want to find another form field located somewhere else. Press escape to get out of Forms Mode.


Move to a table by pressing T. Some of the pages have more than one table, keep pressing T until you navigate to the table you want interact with.

Here are a couple of methods to navigate a table. Some of these methods will work best just to read information on a table, while others lend themselves more to editing information.

  • Press Control + Alt + up, down, left, or right arrow to navigate to the direction of the cell you want to move to.
  • Column headers are read when right and left arrows are press in conjunction with Control + Alt.
  • Row headers are read with up and down arrows in conjunction with Control + alt. To gain focus on edit boxes, buttons or links press spacebar. This will read plain text as well. 
  • Table Mode is a good method to read data on a table. Start by pressing Insert + Space, then T, you will hear JAWS say, Table Layer. Now to navigate in the table use the up, down, left, and right arrows. Note that column headers and row headers are read as you move with arrows. To leave Table Mode press escape.
  • A simple way to jump to the first form field like an edit box in a table, press F, then spacebar to jump in to forms mode. If you just want to find the first form field in a page press F when you move your focus there. This will not work on plain text areas.

Daily Sales Form and the Totals column. 

Here are two methods of navigating to the last row. 

  • Control + Alt + End: Moves to the last cell in the last row.
  • Insert + Control + F: Brings up a JAWs find dialog box. Type, “Totals” and press enter. Focus is routed to Totals, now press F to navigate through the row.

Link to BET Site:

For first time users log into the BET site with User I D and click ‘Forgot Your Password’ to reset your password. It will ask for your user email address and send a link to that address. Use the e-mail address you have on record with BET. Click on the link in the email to change the training password. Return to the sign in page and sign in with the new password.

Other than first time users log in with your BET username and password.

Upon sign in you will be directed to the Monthly Facility Reports page.

To begin a new month, navigate to and click the ‘New Facility Report’ button located on the Left side between the Reports Listing heading and the list of reports. This will take you to the Date and Facility Information screen. It will welcome you by your name. 

Note: the first page has 11 columns.

  1. Action – Choices are ‘Edit’ or ‘View’ a report.
  2. Report Id – the Data Base number assigned to the report.
  3. Report Date – The account month for the report
  4. Status – in Progress, the report is not completed, Manager Submitted, the report has been submitted to the BC for review and cannot be edited. Approved, the report has been approved by the BC and is final.
  5. Created Date –  the date the report was begun
  6. Submitted Date – The date the report was submitted to the BC for approval.
  7. Approved Date – the date the BC approved the report and finalized it
  8. Facility – the facility or which the report was created.
  9. View Monthly – A view of the entire Monthly Report with the number input by the manage for the month.
  10. View YTD – The year-to-date financial information submitted by the manager.
  11. View BE117 – the PDF file for the report.

Once in the ‘Facility Report’ page the date will automatically appear for the month in the first cell titled “Report Date, mm/yyyy”. You can enter the date in the first cell for the new report using month and year only if it is not correct. This must be completed before any additional information can be entered.

The second field will indicate your facility #. This fills in automatically for you.  If you have two or more facilities then all the facilities numbers are shown in the list box and one of them is selected by default, you have the ability to select another facility number if you want to. Control + Down, shows the contents of the list box for Jaws users.

You will not be able to enter Counter Sales, Machine Sales or Other income directly into the cells on this page because they feed off another page. To begin entering information for the new month begin by moving to the ‘Edit Daily Sales’ button and press enter.

Click on the button at the top of the Facility Report Form titled ‘Edit Daily Sales’ you will be taken to the input page for the Daily Sales Form. This page is where you will enter the daily sales and other income. You may enter sales for the entire month in one row or you may enter sales daily, or weekly in the appropriate rows.

Note: you can also Tab to ‘Edit Daily Sales’ under the Daily Sales Form Header, below the ‘Facility Report’ page and press enter.

Column Header Titles for the Daily Report

The following fields appear;

  • Daily Counter Sales (Jaws will announce the date associated with this row when you enter this cell), input the sales.
  • Daily Machine sales, input the sales.
  • Total Daily Sales (will show total for counter and machine sales) auto calculated you do not input anything.
  • Other Income, input the sales.
  • Daily nontaxable sales, input the sales.
  • Totals (shows totals of all columns)

The total at the bottom of each column should reflect the total amount entered.

Click ‘Save’.

Remember: You can make one entry for the total month’s sales or enter sales daily or weekly as you prefer. 

The total at the bottom of each column should reflect the total amount entered.

Click ‘Save’

To Input Expenses

Click on the ‘Edit Expenses’ button

The Expense Data Form will appear.

This should be completed at the end of the month after all invoices have been organized in chronological order by vendor in alphabetical order.

There are four input cells:

  1. ‘Enter Vendor Information’ - type in the Vendor name.
  2. Counter – enter an amount.
  3. Machine – enter an amount.
  4. Miscellaneous – enter an amount.

To add additional lines, click on ‘Add Row’.

When all vendors have been entered click on ‘Save’

After you have entered the Daily Sales for the month, completed the Expenses for the month, and completed the following mandatory information.

  • Number of Employees 
  • Number of Employees Who Are Blind
  • Number of Employees Who Have Other Disabilities
  • Credit for Disabled Labor
  • Set-Aside Amount Submitted (see note below)
  • Date Last Sales Tax Paid 
  • Amount of Sales Tax Paid

--Note on the cell titled, Set-Aside Amount Submitted.

  • The set aside is not calculated on this page. You can calculate the amount of set aside to pay by multiplying the Net Profit times 5% (Net Profit times .05) or you can do the following:

Click on ‘Save’ to save your work, then click on ’Back’ to return to the first page.

  • On the first page find the report you are working on, usually the first row. At the end of the row find the button titled ‘View Monthly’ and click on it.
  • You will be taken to the “Statement of Profit or Loss”. In the row titled “Set-Aside fee Per Schedule”, in the column titled “Totals” you will find the calculated Set Aside Amount for the report you are working on. This amount is based on the numbers you have entered.
  • Record the amount somewhere then click on the ‘Back’ button to return to page one.
  • On page one select ‘Edit’ for the report you are working on. You will be taken to page two.
  • On Page two navigate to the cell titled “Amount Set Aside Submitted” and enter the amount.

You are now ready to ‘Submit the report.

  • Find the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the page and press enter or click on it.
  • The report is sent to your business consultant for approval, and you can no longer edit the report. If you need to make changes after submitting the report, you will need to contact your Business Consultant.

Once you click the Submit’ button the button immediately changes to ‘Make Payment’

If you are ready to make a payment press enter or click ‘Make Payment’ to make the payment as you have done in the past. You will be directed to the Tex.Gov page to finalize the set-aside payment.

To edit a Monthly Report that has NOT been Submitted.

To edit a report that has not been submitted, indicated by the ‘Status’ “In Progress” (column three), click on ‘Edit’ in the ‘Action” column. First column on the left.

Make the adjustments as needed, click on ‘Save’. 

Remember: If the ‘Status’ indicates “In Progress” you may edit. If the ‘status’ shows “Manager Submitted” you cannot edit.

Note: the set aside payment is a part of the monthly report. The report is not fully complete if the full correct amount of the set aside has not been paid 100%.

If you are not logged in. Log into the B E T site with User I D and Password

Navigate to Monthly Facility Reports

  • Click on 'View' in the ‘Action’ column on the left for the report you wish to see.
  • You will be taken to the ‘Facility Report’ page for that month. 
  • Once on the Facility Report page you cannot make changes in the cell “Amount Set Aside submitted” because the report has already been submitted. All you can do now is make a payment. Click on the ‘Make Payment’ button. You will be directed to the Tex.Gov site to complete the transaction. 

The set aside fee is calculated based on the data input on the monthly report. The dollar amount is 5 percent of the net profit. Formula: Net Profit times .05 = set aside amount.

To view and print monthly profit and loss statement

  • Find the Facility Report table
  • Locate the month you wish to view
  • Move to the button titled ‘View Monthly’ click or press enter
  • You will be takes to the “Statement of Profit or Loss”
  • Export to Excel': Click on 'Export to Excel' 
  • Export to PDF': Click on 'Export to PDF' 
  • Print': Click on 'Print' to print the Document

To view and print Year to Date (Y T D) profit and loss statement

  • Find the Facility Report table
  • Locate the month you wish to view
  • Find ‘YTD Report’. Press enter
  • After viewing the report, you may
  • Export to Excel': Click on 'Export to Excel' 
  • Export to PDF': Click on 'Export to PDF' 
  • Print': Click on 'Print' to print a MS Word Document

To make a payment for an Advance from BET:

  • Navigate to ‘Advance / Initial Inventory Payment tab at the top of the page. Click on it.
  • The ‘Make an Advance or Initial Inventory Payment’ page appears.
  • Select the type of payment desired in the drop down box using the arrow down or arrow up.
  • Tab to the ‘Make Payment’ and click on it.
  • You will be directed to the Texas.Gov site. Follow the prompts as if you are making the Set Aside payment. The process is the same. Be sure to complete the process all the way to the end in order to cause the transaction to be accepted.

Texas.Gov Site

Amount: Enter the amount of set aside price* This service is provided by, the official website of Texas. The price of this service includes funds that support the ongoing operations and enhancements of, which is provided by a third party in partnership with the State.

Payment Type: Select Electronic Check or Credit Card. There is no charge for Electronic Check. If using a credit card there will be a fee attached for the use of the card.

Click Continue Button

Payment Page

  • Select if this payment IS being funded specifically by a FOREIGN source (bank or company), an International ACH Transaction (“IAT”).

Note: Important! Do Not select this option! Leave unchecked!

  • Click NEXT Button or Cancel

Customer Information Page

  • Complete all required fields *
  • Email. Your email address to receive a copy of the transaction
  • Receipt Email Addresses. Email address of anyone else you would like to have receive a copy of the transaction such as your bookkeeper or CPA.
  • Click NEXT Button or Cancel

Payment Information

  • Complete all required fields *
  • Click NEXT button or Cancel

Terms and Conditions.

  • Important!! You MUST scroll to the bottom in order to click on the check box authorizing payment.
  • Click Yes, I authorize this transaction.


  • Click on the Captcha box “I am not a robot” to proceed
  • Submit Payment or Cancel
  • Payment verification. Option to print receipt.
  • Close browser

Annual Overview

VendingConvenience StoresTotalsPercentage of ProgramHighway Rest Areas
South Austin621202016.26%4
Fort Worth121311713.82%6
San Antonio011822117.07%4
El Paso00120129.76%3
North Austin65812016.26%1
% of program15.45%12.20%69.11%3.25%   

Federal Locations

AgencyCafeteriaSnack BarVendingConvenience StoresTotalsPercentage of Program
Vending Routes0080821.62%

Cafeterias Excluding Military Contracts

Counter and Vending20232022202120202019
Average Monthly Sales Cost of Goods42.20%44.14%42.93%45.05%42.67%
Average Monthly Labor Cost28.60%24.49%28.40%37.38%28.99%
Average Monthly Miscellaneous Cost7.25%8.72%12.22%10.18%8.51%
Average Monthly Net Profit22.32%22.65%16.46%7.38%18.14%

Snack Bars

Counter and Vending20232022202120202019
Average Monthly Sales Cost of Goods44.68%39.09%48.27%47.44%42.25%
Average Monthly Labor Cost21.56%34.18%40.47%28.31%25.11%
Average Monthly Miscellaneous Cost12.00%11.03%19.06%8.06%7.80%
Average Monthly Net Profit21.76%15.70%0.00%14.62%24.84%

Convenience Stores

Counter and Vending20232022202120202019
Average Monthly Sales Cost of Goods40.64%40.99%41.96%44.25%42.53%
Average Monthly Labor Cost21.90%21.58%21.05%23.10%16.35%
Average Monthly Miscellaneous Cost13.37%10.00%12.21%10.44%6.41%
Average Monthly Net Profit24.09%27.42%24.79%22.21%34.71%

Post Offices

Average Monthly Sales Cost of Goods52.02%51.48%47.24%43.58%46.82%
Average Monthly Labor Cost8.77%10.01%11.53%12.67%9.83%
Average Monthly Miscellaneous Cost1.67%1.79%1.66%1.15%1.37%

State Prisons

Average Monthly Sales Cost of Goods48.47%47.72%50.09%54.68%48.00%
Average Monthly Labor Cost11.71%11.15%15.28%16.93%11.40%
Average Monthly Miscellaneous Cost4.43%5.43%10.42%8.77%4.06%
Average Monthly Net Profit34.71%35.82%24.21%19.63%36.53%

Highway Rest Areas

Average Monthly Sales Cost of Goods46.09%46.33%49.20%50.70%48.27%
Average Monthly Labor Cost11.01%10.78%12.71%12.61%11.14%
Average Monthly Miscellaneous Cost7.31%5.66%6.10%7.64%4.54%
Average Monthly Net Profit35.59%36.99%32.11%29.07%32.99%

State and Federal                                                                                

Average Monthly Sales Cost of Goods50.26%49.61%51.68%49.84%49.68%
Average Monthly Labor Cost12.20%14.09%19.85%11.72%10.95%
Average Monthly Miscellaneous Cost6.67%7.12%9.08%11.75%6.38%
Average Monthly Net Profit32.85%28.55%23.94%26.69%32.99%