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Business Enterprises of Texas (BET) serves people who are legally blind by training them for careers managing food service facilities and providing them food service employment opportunities on state, federal and private properties.  Approximately 115 managers are currently employed through BET.

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Budget & Funding Source

To support its operation, BET receives

  • Federal funds
  • Program-generated funds derived from fees assessed against the net proceeds of the BET manager of operations and commissions

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You may be eligible for Business Enterprises of Texas (BET) services if you are:

  • Legally blind according to federal standards
  • A U.S. citizen residing in Texas
  • Age 18 or older
  • A high school graduate or holder of a GED
  • In good general health and have current eye and physical examination records

To be eligible, you must also be referred to the BET program by TWC Vocational Rehabilitation staff.

Other Requirements

In addition to meeting the eligibility criteria above, you must be able to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Stand for 10 hours or more, daily
  • Bend, stoop and twist without injury to self or others
  • Lift 35 pounds regularly, and up to 50 pounds
  • Work at least a 40-hour week
  • Successfully complete all BET assessment and training requirements
  • Have and know how to use all devices and assistive technologies required for BET training, including low vision aids, talking calculator with ear piece, accessible thermometer and note taking equipment
  • Have proper clothing for the classroom and work

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Custom Training for Managers

Get individualized services to prepare for employment as a food services manager.  Services are based on eligibility and determined by need.

Training & Business Management Curriculum

Receive training and instruction in BET operations, procedures and management skills:

  • Business practices, instruction at college-level
  • BET standard accounting procedures and forms
  • cost management
  • Customer service principles
  • On-the-job training at a BET facility, provided by a licensed BET manager
  • Skills training, provided by a BET training specialist

Benefits of BET Training

Training benefits you by preparing you for the functions, skills and responsibilities of a BET manager:

  • Work independently with little supervision, demonstrate leadership ability, work ethic, integrity and be a team player
  • Be organized, attend work as scheduled and work well under pressure while meeting deadlines
  • Identify and effectively solve problems
  • Operate and properly maintain workplace equipment, including a Point of Sale system or cash register
  • Control purchasing and inventory, keep timely and accurate records and budgets and maintain commercial bank accounts for business and tax funds 
  • Communicate in a professional and effective manner with host business, guests, employees, customers and others
  • Apply customer service concepts to improve service
  • Travel to make occasional deliveries, visit other locations or attend business meetings 
  • Follow local, state and federal laws and regulations regarding the responsible and safe handling of food and supplies
  • Hire, train, supervise, motivate and discipline employees in accordance with local, state and federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration Laws, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission rules and any applicable tax or labor laws

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Reporting Requirements for Managers

Managers licensed to participate in Business Enterprises in Texas (BET) and who are assigned to a facility within the program are required to submit monthly financial reports in accordance with BET rule.

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