Managers licensed to participate in Business Enterprises in Texas (BET) and who are assigned to a facility within the program are required to submit monthly financial reports in accordance with BET rule.

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Entering a New Report

The first screen that will appear is the Reports Listing screen. 

  1. To enter a new report, select the Click for New Report link located on the Left side between the Reports Listing heading and the list of reports. This will take you to the Date and Facility Information screen. It will welcome you by your name. 
  2. Tab or select the Enter Month/Year text box. This text box already has the current month followed by a slash followed by the current year. You can enter a new month and year for the reporting period if you would like to. 
  3. The next item on this page is Facility list box. By default it has the Facility number selected for which the manager is allocated to. If a manager has two or more facilities then all the facilities numbers are shown in the list box and one of them is selected by default and the manager has the ability to select another facility number if they want to. 
  4. Tab or select the Go to Expenses data form button.

Expense Data

This will take you to the Expenses Data Form screen. By default the Vendor Name text boxes will have the value of Please Enter Vendor Name; the Counter text boxes, Machine text boxes and Miscellaneous text boxes will have the value of zero. The manager can change any of these values if they want to. Here you will enter the name of each vendor and enter as a counter, machine or miscellaneous expense against each vendor entered. 

You can use the copy and paste function for the vendor names if you have the vendor names on another document. This screen has a total of 35 rows for vendor, counter, machine and miscellaneous information. Please use only one row per vendor. 

Note that the three columns are totaled at the bottom of the page which gives the total of counter, machine and miscellaneous expenses. These values are read only and cannot be edited. Upon completion of entering vendor information, tab to or select the Save and Go to Stand Report button.

New Stand Data

The next page is the New Stand Data Form. By default this page loads with a value of zero in all the text boxes. The manager can change any of the values or leave the zero value as it is. The manager can input values for:

  • Counter Sales
  • Machine Sales
  • Other Income
  • Counter Ending Inventory
  • Machine Ending Inventory
  • Wages Paid (Spouse)
  • Wages Paid (Employees)
  • Social Security
  • Unemployment (State & Federal).

If you do not have values to enter for any of the fields, just doing a tab keeps the value as 0 for those text boxes. 

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Submit Report

When you have input all these figures, select the check box for eSignature, and then select the Submit Report button. If you do not check the eSignature check box and Submit Report button, an alert message pops up asking you to check the eSignature check box.

This will input your report to the BET database, where BET staff can review your facility information. 

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Report Review by BET Staff

When the report is approved by BET staff, the information on the Reports Listing table will change. The "Approved" column will reflect "Yes" and the "Activity" column will reflect "None". You will not be able to edit your report after it has been approved by BET staff, but you will be able to select the Show Monthly or Show Year to Date options and print any of the reports.

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Review & Edit Reports

When Edit link is selected on Reports Listing page, the next page shown is Expenses data form which has the values in the text boxes that were entered previously for Vendor, counter, machine and miscellaneous when the report was created for that reporting period. 

The remaining text boxes will have Please Enter Vendor Name for Vendor and zeros for Counter, Machine and Miscellaneous. All the values on this page can be edited if required to do so. The totals at the bottom of the page are read only and cannot be edited. If everything seems correct on this page, the manager can select Save and Go to Stand Report button.

The Edit Stand Data Form page comes up with values in the respective text boxes that were entered and the remaining text boxes contains the values of zero. All the values on this page can be edited if needed. If everything looks correct on this page, the manager can select Submit Report to save the values into the database after making sure that the eSignature check box is checked. Once submitted, the manager is again routed back to the reports listing page.

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Additional Information

  • The logout link is present on all the pages except Year to Date report and Monthly report.
  • The value in the Activity column on the Reports Listing page shows Edit when the Approved column value is No. For all Approved Reports the value in the Activity column is None.
  • The Reports Listing page is shown based upon the most recent date.
  • The Back button is provided on all the pages except Reports Listing page and Change Password page.
  • A Print button is provided on Monthly and Year to Date Report pages.
  • During the edit process, the manager is by passed with the Date and Facility Information page and is directly shown with the Expenses data form.

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