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TWC launches its redesigned website on Sept. 30, 2023. Look forward to a brand new website with you in mind. Online services continue to be available 24 hours a day.

Skills Enhancement & Career Tools


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Thank you for your interest in the Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC) Skills Enhancement initiative. We are excited for you to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Our goal is to help you get back to work as quickly as possible by providing tools to explore your interests, access to high value skills training, and referrals to quality jobs with Texas employers.

The first step to take part in this initiative is to update your WorkInTexas.com account.  WorkInTexas.com is a powerful online job matching and workforce services system.

Individuals seeking a new job, different job, or an additional job can post their résumé, search job listings (including Texas state agency jobs), apply for jobs, get information about the job market, and receive a variety of other services through WorkInTexas.com.

If you need help accessing WorkInTexas.com or updating your account, contact your local Workforce Solutions office.  To find the local workforce office nearest you, visit our Workforce Solutions Directory.

We encourage you to start thinking about the skills you would like to enhance for your next career move. If you are unsure what that might be, TWC offers several resources to help:

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Metrix Online Learning Platform

Registration for the Metrix Learning platform closed on August 31, 2023. 

If you  created a Metrix account before August 31, you can continue to use the Metrix Learning platform through the end of your current license.  You can find the remaining days on your license in the top left corner when you log into the platform.

Access Metrix Learning

If you already have a Metrix Learning account, you can access it through the  Metrix Portal.

You can also access your Metrix Learning account through WorkInTexas.com by following these steps:

  1. Log in to WorkInTexas.com
  2. In the Directory of Services, click “Education Services” and “Online Learning Resources”.
  3. Click the blue Metrix Learning logo.

    Metrix Learning Logo

Metrix Customer Support

If you are having trouble accessing the Metrix online learning platform, contact Metrix Learning customer support directly:

How to Access Manufacturing Courses in Metrix

Metrix Learning offers specialized content including 700+ courses in manufacturing topics such as math, blueprint reading, electrical, and green energy.

To access this content, please contact your local workforce solutions office to request a specialized manufacturing license in Metrix. To find the local workforce office nearest you, visit our Workforce Solutions Directory.  You can also email your request to TWC at skillsenhancement@twc.texas.gov.

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Texas Career Check

Career Check is a no-cost interest profiler that allows users to answer a series of 60 questions (takes approximately 10 minutes to complete) which will help you to link your career and task interests to occupation titles. The Metrix platform includes a skills assessment tool that allows customers to explore career pathways and add classes based on their skills gaps.

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Texas Skills to Work

Texas Skills to Work is a tool that allows you to copy and paste (or upload) your resume, or simply list your skills and knowledge into the tool to gain information on:    

  • Occupation titles that align with those skills  
  • Other skills that closely align to those they listed to assist you with improving your resume

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Digital Skills Building

Digital Skills Needed for Jobs

Technology affects how we live and work. Tech changes and more online businesses mean that more workers need digital skills. If you’re ready to build your digital skills to find a new job or move up in your job, TWC can help you!

“Digital skills building” means getting better at technology. TWC offers workshops and training that teach job seekers how to use technology like the internet and smartphones to get a job and be a valuable employee. Keep reading for more information on what TWC offers to help improve digital skills at no cost.

Digital Skills Building Resources

TWC’s Workforce Solutions offices are places for job seekers to get services and information on training programs that could lead to a job. Workforce Solutions offices have office equipment like computers that you can use at no cost. They also offer workshops on improving digital skills. Job seekers can learn how to find nearby workshops, community groups, and training programs. You can also get help on job searching, training, and services that pay for supplies, transportation, and child care. To find a Workforce Solutions office near you, use our office locator.

Adult Education & Literacy

If you qualify, you can sign up for the TWC Adult Education & Literacy (AEL) program. This program can help you make your digital skills better. Read below to find a nearby AEL provider and get more information about the AEL providers all over Texas.

You can find more information about the AEL program on TWC’s Adult Education Students web page.

The Distance Education Professional Development Center (DEPDC) offers distance education, online training, technical help, and other services for AEL teachers and adult students. DEPDC also has a call center for tech help either by phone or live chat.

Online Learning

A no-cost option to build digital skills is DigitalLearn.org. DigitalLearn offers digital skills help and training. The website has many self-paced courses, such as basic skills like using a computer and searching the web. Each training module is a video with a speaker. Most of the videos are 6 to 22 minutes long.

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Regional Specific Tools

If you are interested in finding out labor market information specific to your region, the following tools may be helpful:

Local Workforce Board

Finally, your local workforce office is ready and available to help connect you with jobs that are in high demand in your area. To find the local workforce office nearest you, visit our Workforce Solutions Directory.  We encourage you to visit your local Workforce Solutions website to learn more about the no-cost services available to you. 

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