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The Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC) Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) program helps adults learn new skills by teaching reading, writing, math and English in a variety of different program models. The AEL program helps people get ready for jobs, earn a high school diploma or its equivalent, or prepare for college or career training.

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Our program helps adults who are 16 years old and are not in school or are not required to be in school under state law and who:

  • Lack basic skills such as reading, writing or math
  • Don’t have a high school diploma or its equivalent, such as a GED
  • Can’t speak, read or write in English

Here's what we can do for you:

  • Ready for Work: We help you learn skills that will help you get a job.
  • High School Diploma or GED: We can help you get ready to earn your diploma or a GED.
  • College and Job Training: We can guide you if you want to go to college or learn a trade.
  • Learn English: We offer help to learn English for both speaking and writing.

We aim to help you learn new things, find better jobs and grow as a person. We want to create a talented group of workers that can help Texas excel. Start your journey with us today!

TWC works with local adult education providers, Workforce Solutions offices and nonprofits in your community. They partner to give adults more chances for education, training or jobs. This teamwork helps adults choose their education and career paths.

Authority & Funding

The U.S. Department of Education's Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education provides funds to states for adult education and literacy. TWC then gives the money to local organizations through a competition. This program follows the rules of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Title II: Adult Education and Family Literacy Act.


The AEL program offers these initiatives.

Integrated Education and Training

Services designed for a certain job or group of jobs to help adults advance their education or careers. There are three parts: AEL Activities, Workforce Preparation Activities and Workforce Training.

High School Equivalency Subsidy Program

The HSE Subsidy Program helps eligible people 21 and older by paying for their high school equivalency (GED) test fees.

Digital Literacy

Services that teach people how to use technology for finding, evaluating, creating and sharing information, as well as solving problems that need reasoning and technical skills.

Workplace Literacy 

Learning activities from an AEL provider and an employer that work together. The services often happen at the workplace but can take place somewhere else. They help the employer’s workers be more productive.

Services for Internationally Trained Professionals

Services designed to help people who speak another language and have degrees from their home country. These services include getting ready for professional exams to show measure skills, getting advice on the Texas job market and taking English classes connected to specific jobs. 

Family Literacy

Reading and writing activities that help parents better support their children’s learning.