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TWC Supports Workplace Learning on National Intern Day

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July 27, 2023

Texas Interns Unite! and Texas Internship Challenge Connect Employers and Students

AUSTIN –Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) reminds Texas employers and students about the opportunities to create a beneficial connection on this National Intern Day. Texas Internship Challenge and the connected initiative Texas Interns Unite! support these efforts to promote work-based learning.

  • The Texas Internship Challenge is a Tri-Agency Initiative by TWC, Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), and Texas Education Agency to encourage industry and employer partners to offer more paid internships.
  • Texas Interns Unite! connects interns across the state with Texas employers and each other through virtual and in-person events, as well as a digital LinkedIn networking platform.

“Internships are an excellent example of how work-based learning can provide Texans with the skills they need and employers with the workforce they’re looking for,” said TWC Chairman Bryan Daniel. “This recruitment tool is another way to keep our state economy strong and build the workforce of tomorrow.”

Today, TWC and THECB co-hosted National Intern Day with the Texas Twist Conference in Austin. The event, part of the Texas Interns Unite! conference series, provided interns and employers the opportunity to network and gain valuable information to help interns grow in their careers. The conference series will continue with events throughout the state to provide connections and resources for interns and employers.                               

“Texas Interns Unite! expands this year with its mission to connect Texas employers and students, by including areas such as internship information and opportunities for employers in rural communities and internship opportunities for people with disabilities” said TWC Commissioner Representing Employers Aaron Demerson. “I’m excited to champion this initiative which is a win-win for our Texas employers and students, as it is one of the best ways to find your future workforce while also providing our young Texans with an opportunity to find their career pathway.”

In partnership with THECB and Texas Working Off-Campus: Reinforcing Knowledge and Skills Internship program (TXWORKS), employers interested in providing paid internships for undergraduate Texas college students can be reimbursed through TXWORKS. The state will fund $10 per hour for eligible internships, and participating employers match that amount.

“Internships are a steppingstone for Texans to begin or grow their career through networking and learning valuable insights to help them find and succeed in high-demand, meaningful careers,” said TWC Commissioner Representing Labor Alberto Treviño III. “Texas Workforce Solutions focuses on developing all levels of Texas talent through internship, apprenticeship, and youth summer camp programs.” 

Visit TWC’s Texas Internship Challenge website which provides a no-cost central point for employers to post internships and for students to access multiple paid and academic credit internship opportunities across the state.

View Texas Interns Unite! webpage to see photos of past events and a calendar of upcoming events.


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