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Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) provides searchable access to Workforce Development Letters, Adult Education & Literacy Letters, Customer Care Letters, Fraud Deterrence & Compliance Monitoring Letters, and Technical Assistance Bulletins. If you have questions about policy guidance, please email:

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Guidance Number Status Subject Additional Attachments Type Keywords Publication Date
AEL 04-18 Active Program Year 2018–2019 Performance-Based Funding and Performance Allocation Holdback AEL Letters AEL 09/07/2018
WD 01-20, Chg 2 Active Managing Individuals in the System—Update
  1. Revisions to WD Letter 01-20, Change 1, Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters ES, Rapid Response, RESEA 08/03/2022
AEL 02-17 Active Assessing English Language Learners in the Adult Education and Literacy Program AEL Letters AEL, Fiscal - Administration, WIOA 04/03/2017
TA 293 Active Transportation Services—Update TA Bulletins SNAP E&T, TANF/Choices, WIOA 01/14/2020
WD 18-18, Chg 2 Active Using the Child Care Formula Grant Award for Quality Improvement Activities—Update
  1. Revisions to WD 18-18, Change 1, Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters Child Care 10/26/2022
TA 167 Active New E-Mail Address and Procedures for Policy Clarification Requests TA Bulletins All Programs 11/09/2007
WD 13-20, Chg 1 Active COVID-19 and Stabilization Grants for Closed Child Care Providers—Update
  1. Revisions to WD Letter 13-20 Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters Child Care, Natural Disaster 08/28/2020
WD 21-18 Active Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training County Expansion
  1. County Expansion Phase II Table
WD Letters SNAP E&T
WD 14-17 Active Operational Guidance for Receivables Established for Child Care Services Improperly Paid before October 1, 2016 WD Letters Administration, Child Care 03/29/2017
WD 02-20 Active Prekindergarten Public-Private Partnerships and Wraparound Child Care WD Letters Child Care 01/08/2020
WD 21-21, Chg 2 Active COVID-19 Federal Funds for Texas Rising Star Supports—Update
  1. Texas Rising Star Incentives Distribution
  2. COVID-19 Federally Funding Texas Rising Star Supports Board Template
  3. Revisions to WD Letter 21-21, Change 1, Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters Child Care 02/17/2022
WD 31-04 Active Serving Foster Care Youth WD Letters Administration 08/25/2004
WD 20-21, Chg 1 Active Digital Skills Building—Update
  1. Navigating the Rider 47 Targeted Skill Building Tool
  2. Revisions to WD Letter 20-21 Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters TANF/Choices, WIOA 06/26/2023
WD 07-16 Active Youth Career Fairs Program WD Letters WIOA 05/05/2016
WD 12-17, Chg 1 Active Contract Action Requests - Update
  1. Contract Action Request Form
  2. Revisions to WD Letter 12-17 Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters Administration 08/22/2018
WD 21-09 Active Mandatory Training on the Impact of Family Violence WD Letters Administration 06/26/2019
WD 46-09, Chg 2 Active Texas Back-to-Work Initiative—Update WD Letters ES, UI 01/13/2010
AEL 01-17, Chg 1 Active Implementing Programs, Activities, and Services for English Language Learners—Update
  1. Revisions to AEL 01-17 Shown in Track Changes
AEL Letters AEL, Fiscal - Administration, WIOA 07/21/2021
WD 25-19 Active Earned Income Tax Credit for Employed Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Recipients and Other Low-Income Workers WD Letters Child Care, TANF/Choices 12/19/2021
WD 44-05 Active Texas Workforce Commission Online Contract Closeout Process
  1. Vendor User Security Matrix
  2. Procedures for Creating a Cash Draw Refund
WD Letters Financial Reporting 08/05/2005
WD 26-06 Rescinded The Workforce Information System of Texas: Service Code 21 – Case Management WD Letters TWIST 03/31/2006
TA 181 Rescinded Severance Pay Withholding Information TA Bulletins General, Rapid Response 06/25/2008
WD 23-09, Chg 2 Rescinded State Data Validation Requirements—Update WD Letters TAA, WIA 02/15/2011
WD 51-05 Rescinded Unemployment Insurance Work Search Contact Requirements WD Letters UI 08/26/2005
AEL 02-16 Rescinded Implementing the Integrated Education and Training Service Approach AEL Letters AEL, Fiscal - Administration, WIOA 03/23/2016
WD 14-10, Chg 1 Rescinded Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Subsidized Employment Initiatives—Update WD Letters Financial Reporting, SNAP E&T, TANF/Choices, TWIST 07/15/2010
WD 59-07 Rescinded Choices: New and Expiring TWIST Activity Codes WD Letters TANF/Choices, TWIST 09/27/2007
WD 24-14, Chg 1 Rescinded Workforce Investment Act: Individual Training Accounts—Update WD Letters TWIST, WIA 11/12/2014
WD 08-15 Rescinded Jobs for Veterans State Grants Program: Reforms and Responsibilities of Workforce Solutions Office Staff Serving Veterans—Update WD Letters All Programs, Veterans, WIOA, WIA 12/11/2015
WD 05-03 Chg 1 Rescinded Remittance of Pledged Child Care Local Matching Funds WD Letters Child Care 08/13/2003
WD 21-03 Rescinded Workforce Investment Act: School-to-Careers Funding Limitations WD Letters WIA 05/20/2003
TA 79 Rescinded Training and Technical Assistance Bidders List TA Bulletins Administration 10/15/2004
WD 62-00, Chg 1 Rescinded WD Letter 62-00, Attachment 2: Correction WD Letters Administration 07/25/2000
WD 149-98 Rescinded CC Enrollment Update in FY98 Projected Expenditures WD Letters 10/02/1998
WD 12-00 Rescinded Program Year 1998 Job Training Partnership Act Title II Performance and Incentive Awards WD Letters 03/15/2000
WD 82-98 Rescinded Use of Aptitude and Skills Testing for Job Selection and Referral WD Letters
WD 22-20 Rescinded Board Contract Year 2021 Federal Poverty Guidelines and State Median Income Amounts for Determining Eligibility and Parent Share of Cost for Child Care Services WD Letters Child Care, TWIST 09/14/2020
WD 133-99 Rescinded Workforce Services for Refugees Receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families WD Letters TANF/Choices 12/13/1999
WD 10-98 Rescinded Job Orders for Welfare Recipients Only WD Letters 02/02/1998
WD 09-19 Rescinded Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Performance Accountability and Guidance for Performance Outcomes WD Letters AEL, Performance, TAA, TWIST, VR, WIOA 03/22/2019
WD 14-07 Rescinded Job Access and Reverse Commute Program WD Letters Financial Reporting, FSE& T, TANF/Choices, WIA 03/29/2007
WD 12-97 Rescinded US DOL Employment and Training Administration (ETA) PY96/FY97 Goals WD Letters 02/14/1997
WD 70-07, Chg 1 Rescinded Form I-9: Verification of Employment Eligibility for Temporary H-2A Agricultural and H-2B Nonagricultural Job Seekers—Update WD Letters ES, 02/03/2009
WD 131-99 Rescinded Statewide Phone Directory Listings – Government Blue Pages WD Letters General 10/18/1999
WD 35-08 Rescinded Fiscal Year 2009/Program Year 2008 Allocations and Performance Targets WD Letters Fiscal – Allocations 08/26/2008
WD 29-97 Rescinded Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Program WD Letters 03/26/1997
WD 44-06 Rescinded Child Care Match Agreement between the Texas Workforce Commission and the State Center for Early Childhood Development WD Letters Child Care 06/30/2006
TA 105 Rescinded Changes to The Workforce Information System of Texas TA Bulletins 12/23/2005
WD 05-17 Rescinded Use of the Texas Rising Star Logo and Promotional Materials by Child Care Providers WD Letters Child Care 01/27/2017
WD 61-99 Rescinded Final Board Planning Modification Guidelines, Program Year 1999, Fiscal Year 2000, April 1999, and the review instrument WD Letters WIA 04/30/1999