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This page is meant for AEL providers and teachers who serve adult students through the Texas Workforce Commission’s AEL Program. The AEL program offers support for:

  • People who lack basic skills such as reading, writing, and math.
  • People who don't have a high school diploma or an equivalent (GED).
  • People who are not native English speakers.

Our providers and teachers are a big part of our state’s success in getting more skilled adults into good paying jobs. We understand that just as our students need opportunities to grow, so do our teachers! 

Texas Educating Adults Management System

The Texas Educating Adults Management System (TEAMS) is a data system made for Texas adult education and literacy programs that receive federal funding. TEAMS helps manage and keep track of many things related to adult education. It makes sure that states effectively use federal funding and resources.

Access to TEAMS is limited to people who work for organizations that get grants for adult education. This is to keep student information safe and private, following federal rules. Only authorized personnel can use the system.

Because of this restricted access, TEAMS keeps sensitive student data safe and makes sure only qualified professionals can use and see information about students' progress, program results, and money matters.

By using TEAMS, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and others can see how well adult education programs are working. They can check how the federal funding is helping and find areas to make things even better. TEAMS helps make decisions based on data to improve adult education services.

To sum up, TEAMS is vital for keeping data organized and secure. It plays a big role in making sure federally funded adult education programs in Texas run smoothly and effectively.

Instructions for Accessing TEAMS

TWC Information Security Training - Cybersecurity Awareness

AEL Information Resources Usage Agreement - P-41c

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) training

TEAMS Logon for Users with Approved Access

For assistance with TEAMS, email

The AEL Enrollment Form collects important information when someone joins AEL services. While not required, it helps make enrolling easier and consistent, leaving nothing out. Using this form means organized info gathering for personalized learning paths.

The form also has instructions for AEL providers to fill it out correctly. The instructions explain what to write during enrollment.

The form might also ask about education history, like school achievements or diplomas. It could include questions about language skills and what subjects they want to learn or get training in.

The AEL Enrollment Form and instructions are useful tools. They make enrolling smoother and help providers keep complete records for better programs.

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