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The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) operates the Career Schools and Colleges program. This program makes sure licensed and unlicensed schools follow the rules. If a school is not following the rules, we will help them start following them.

If a school continues to operate in violation, we may impose penalties or sanction as provided for by law.

If we administer a denial determination or sanction, including a fine, it can be appealed

For licensed schools, if TWC is imposing a sanction, including administrative penalties, on your school, we will consider:

  • Actions you have taken to correct the violation
  • Violations your school has had before 
  • The level of action TWC needs to take to ensure your legal compliance

If an unlicensed school operates, solicits or enrolls students, or conducts instruction, TWC may:

  • Assess a penalty
  • Require full refunds to all students
  • Issue a cease and desist order

Report a possible unlicensed school.

Sometimes a school still violates the rules. If so, TWC has two more ways to make them comply: injunctive relief and civil penalties.

Injunctive Relief

If TWC "has probable cause to believe that any career school or college has committed any acts that would be in violation of" Chapter 132 of the Texas Education Code, TWC "shall apply for an injunction restraining the commission of such acts." An action for an injunction is brought in Travis County Courts.

Civil Penalties

A person who violates the law or any rule is liable for a civil penalty and to any injunctive relief or other remedy provided by law. The civil penalty may not exceed $1,000 a day for each violation. TWC may ask the Office of the Attorney General of Texas to bring a civil action to collect a civil penalty under this section.

See Careers Schools & Colleges Appeals for information on appealing a TWC decision.