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The goal of the High Demand Job Training program is to increase high demand job training in Texas communities. Local workforce boards and Economic Development Corporations (EDCs) partner to support their local economy. Funding comes from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and local sales taxes.

Program Details

  • WIOA funds up to $150,000 and the EDC matches this amount dollar per dollar​.

  • Funds may also be used for job training activities and relevant direct costs such as:​

    • participant recruitment​

    • skills assessment​

    • job search skills improvement

    • equipment​

  • Training must focus on high demand / target occupations determined by the Governor's Office.

  • Current target industries are: 
    • Advanced Manufacturing 

    • Aerospace, Aviation and Defense 

    • Biotechnology and Life Sciences 

    • Energy 

    • Information Technology 

    • Petroleum Refining and Chemical Products 

    • Corporate Services 

    • Creative Industry

  • Leveraged Funds can support training or training related activities, such as:

    • Instructor salaries

    • Supplies

    • Training tuition

    • Support services (transportation, educational testing, accommodations for individuals with disabilities)

​How to Apply

Organizations interested in partnering for a grant should fill out the HDJT Application form in the Resources section below. Once completed and signed, please send the application to your Outreach Team member.

Funds are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The Board is encouraged to submit an application by June 1st to be considered for that fiscal year.

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