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The Texas Workforce Commission has many programs. One program helps customers getting Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits. It's called the Reemployment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) program. The program has four main goals:

  1. Finding Jobs - RESEA helps customers who get UI benefits find jobs faster. The program shortens the amount of time customers get UI payments and helps them find work.
  2. Stopping Wrong Payments - RESEA makes sure that UI payments go to the right customers. The program works to prevent payments to customers who shouldn't get them.
  3. Qualifying Participants for Additional Resources - RESEA connects customers with services to get a job that maximizes their earning potential. For example, there's help with child care, transportation and/or more training.
  4. Connecting the Workforce System – RESEA is the first step for customers to join other programs for help finding jobs.

Customers who are chosen for the program must participate. Services are available statewide. These customers will meet with a career coach one-on-one.

How Does RESEA Work? 

RESEA uses statistics to rank customers who are receiving unemployment benefits. This process is based on their likelihood to exhaust all benefits before finding a job. The statistics include work history, occupational field, wage and location, among other factors. Each local Workforce Development Board (Board) gets a cutoff score. Some people getting UI benefits are required to participate. If they have a score at or above the Board cutoff score they must participate. They will receive a letter that tells them about the RESEA program. 

Mandatory RESEA participants will go through these steps:

  1. An orientation providing information about RESEA and other services at Workforce Solutions offices. The orientation can be in person or virtual (online). 
  2. An initial RESEA meeting, face-to-face, with a personal career coach. These meetings are in person or remote, based on the customer’s needs. At this meeting:
  • The career coach will enroll the customer in the Employment Service program.
  • The career coach will review work search activities.
  • The career coach will give information about available jobs based on the customer’s skills and interests.
  • The career coach will help the customer make an Individual Employment Plan (IEP) with the steps for the customer to take to be ready for the job.
  • The career coach may schedule mandatory career workshops, services or follow-up meetings.

For more information, see Job Search and Unemployment Benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Participating in RESEA? 

The RESEA program assigns you a personal career coach to help you find another job quickly. You and the coach will make job goals and a description of step-by-step activities to meet the goals. Your job coach could help you with a résumé, interview skills and matching you with active job openings in your area. 

What Happens if a Claimant Does Not Participate in RESEA? 

Customers selected for RESEA must go to all scheduled reemployment appointments. They must also complete all required services and activities. If they don’t, the UI division may stop UI payments until the customer finishes all the required activities. That’s why it is important to contact your Workforce Solutions office in advance to reschedule if you can't make your appointment. 

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Authority & Funding

RESEA is a permanently funded program authorized by the Social Security Act (Sec. 306(b)). The U.S. Department of Labor awards grants based on available funds and a funding formula each year.