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Business Enterprises of Texas (BET) helps people who are blind or visually impaired find jobs. They also help run food services and vending machines on different properties for these individuals. 


Business Enterprises of Texas helps people who are blind get jobs. They offer work chances operating food and vending machines on federal, state, and private properties. This is for eligible individuals.

Individuals may be eligible for Business Enterprises of Texas services if:

  • Legally blind according to federal standards
  • A U.S. citizen residing in Texas
  • Age 18 or older
  • A high school graduate or holder of a GED
  • In good general health and have current eye and physical examination records

Additional requirements must be met for individuals to be referred to the BET program by Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Vocational Rehabilitation staff.

The Texas Workforce Commission has the authority under Texas Administrative Code Chapter 854 to license blind individuals. These licenses are for operating cafeteria or vending facilities. These facilities are located on various properties, including state, federal, and others.

To support its operation, BET receives:

  • Federal funds
  • The program gets money from fees charged on the BET manager's earnings and commissions

Authorizing laws, regulations and guidance include:

The BET Elected Committee of Managers helps program administrators with advice on changes. They also try to create more food service jobs for Texans who are blind.