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The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) helps jobseekers get services to build digital skills for success in the workplace. Examples of digital skills include the ability to use the internet, smartphones and other resources.

Digital Skills Needed for Jobs

Technology affects how we live and work. Tech changes and more online businesses mean that more workers need digital skills. If you’re ready to build your digital skills to find a new job or move up in your job, TWC can help you!

“Digital skills building” means getting better at technology. TWC offers workshops and training that teach jobseekers how to use technology like the internet and smartphones to get a job and be a valuable employee. Keep reading for more information on what TWC offers to help improve digital skills at no cost.

Digital Skills Building Resources

TWC’s Workforce Solutions offices are places for jobseekers to get services and information on training programs that could lead to a job. Workforce Solutions offices have equipment like computers that you can use at no cost. They also offer workshops on improving digital skills. Jobseekers can learn how to find nearby workshops, community groups and training programs. You can also get help on job searching, training and services that pay for supplies, transportation and child care. To find a Workforce Solutions office near you, use our office locator.

Adult Education & Literacy

If you qualify, you can sign up for the TWC Adult Education & Literacy (AEL) program. This program can help you make your digital skills better. Read below to find a nearby AEL provider and get more information about the AEL providers all over Texas.

You can find more information about the AEL program on TWC’s Adult Education and Literacy web page.

The Distance Education Professional Development Center (DEPDC) offers distance education, online training, technical help, and other services for AEL teachers and adult students. DEPDC also has a call center for tech help either by phone or live chat. 

Online Learning

Another no-cost option to build digital skills is DigitalLearn offers digital skills help and training. The website has many self-paced courses, such as the basic skills of using a computer and searching the web. Each training module is a video with a speaker. Most of the videos are six to 22 minutes long.

Rider 47 UI Targeted Skill Building Demographics

TWC has developed a tool to report data on UI claimants as required by Rider 47 of the General Appropriations Act, 87th Texas Legislature. The data includes the claim methods and demographic information such as age, education, race/ethnicity, sex, and occupation. Data is updated every Monday and is used by TWC to offer digital literacy skill building resources to claimants.