Texas Government Code Sections 2054.126 (d)(4), 2261.253, and 403.0245 require each state agency to post contract and procurement information on its website.  This page contains information about current contracts valued between $0.00 and $50,000.00.  Contracts valued equal to or greater than $50,000 may be found on the Legislative Budget Board Contracts Database.  This list also includes contracts that have been competitively bid at the state level including Comptroller of Public Accounts awarded contracts, Department of Information Resources awarded contracts and Office of the Texas Governor.

All documents are in PDFPDF format.

If you require accessible documents, please send request to email PCSDDirector@twc.texas.gov.  Please allow up to 3 days for us to respond.

Contract ID Supplier Name Subject Max Amountsort descending Procurement Number Files
1422ADM001 KOETTER FIRE PROTECTION OF AUSTIN LLC Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security, Utilities, etc) $11,240.00 1422ADM001 C
3121ADM027 WORKQUEST Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $11,585.28 3202100073
3120ADM046 THE BRANDT COMPANIES LLC Building Maintenance/Repair $12,012.00 3202000105 3120ADM046 C

3120ADM046 P

3120ADM046 P1
3121ADM048 DAVID O GUTIERREZ Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security, Utilities, etc) $12,023.28 3202100089 3121ADM048 C

3121ADM048 C1

3121ADM048 C2
3121ITC014 CHANDRA TECHNOLOGIES INC IT Services-Staff Augmentation $12,480.00 3202100185 3121ITC014 C
3121ADM033 WORKQUEST Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $12,656.00 3121ADM033 C
3119ADM027 JACK W JENSEN CCRC Maintenance/Service $13,000.00 3201900044 3119ADM027 C

3119ADM027 P

3119ADM027 P1

3119ADM027 P2

3119ADM027 R1of1
1921ATP001 MID COAST CONSTRUCTION ACADEMY TRUST G-Apprenticeship $13,071.00 1921ATP001 C
3122ADM042 WORKQUEST Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security, Utilities, etc) $13,124.00 3122ADM042 C

3122ADM042 C1
3121ADM035 WORKQUEST Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $14,025.92 3121ADM035 C
3122ADM053 WORKQUEST Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security, Utilities, etc) $14,073.76 3202200106 3122ADM053 C
3122ADM048 WORKQUEST Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security, Utilities, etc) $14,427.28 3202200089 3122ADM048 C
3122ITC002 REVEILLE SOFTWARE INC Software/Maintenance $14,609.10 3202200062 3122ITC002 C
2921ITC020 AMAZON WEB SERVICES INC Software/Maintenance $14,623.32 3202100090 2921ITC020 C
3121ADM124 MICROMAIN CORPORATION Software/Maintenance $14,700.00 3202100223 3121ADM124 C

3121ADM124 P

3121ADM124 P1
3122ADM039 YORK CAREER DEVELOPMENT INC Staff Training $14,760.00 3202200088 3122ADM039 C
3122ITC023 SHI GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS INC Software/Maintenance $14,765.55 3202200100 3122ITC023 C

3122ITC023 C1

3122ITC023 C2
3121ADM052 WEST PUBLISHING CORPORATION Other Administrative $14,812.56 3202100109 3121ADM052 C
3121ITC043 SYSTEM 76 INC Software/Maintenance $15,000.00 3202100263 3121ITC043 C
3121CPM003 NETSYNC NETWORK SOLUTIONS INC Software/Maintenance $15,090.80 3202100249 3121CPM003 C
3121ADM039 WORKQUEST Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $15,229.80 3121ADM039 C

3121ADM039 R
3121ITC034 DATA PROJECTIONS INC Software/Maintenance $15,331.80 3202100256 3121ITC034 C
3119ADM009 EMR ELEVATOR INC CCRC Maintenance/Service $15,876.00 3201900015 3119ADM009 C

3119ADM009 C1

3119ADM009 P
3121ITC018 CARAHSOFT TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION Information Technology (Administrative) $15,915.12 3202100129 3121ITC018 C
3122ADM033 PACER SERVICE CENTER Other Administrative $16,600.00 3122ADM033 C
3121ADM025 PACER SERVICE CENTER Other Administrative $16,600.00 3121ADM025 C
3121ADM038 WORKQUEST Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $16,678.08 3121ADM038 C
1321ATP001 WACO ELECTRICIANS AREA JATC TRUST FUND G-Apprenticeship $16,763.00 1321ATP001 C
3120ADM023 JOHNSON CONTROLS FIRE PROTECTION LP CCRC Maintenance/Service $16,796.00 3120ADM023 C

3120ADM023 C1

3120ADM023 C2

3120ADM023 C3

3120ADM023 C4
3121ADM029 JOHNSON CONTROLS Equipment Maintenance $16,796.00 3202100078 3121ADM029 C

3121ADM029 R

3121ADM029 SS
3122ADM074 AMERICAN PUBLIC HUMAN SERVICES ASSOCIATI Membership $17,194.00 3202200143 3122ADM074 C
3121ADM104 UNISYS CORPORATION Software/Maintenance $17,220.00 3202100206 3121ADM104 C
3121ADM138 KNIGHT SECURITY SYSTEMS LLC Equipment/Hardware $17,529.96 3202100277 3121ADM138 C
3121ITC053 DUXBURY SYSTEMS INC Information Technology (Administrative) $17,570.00 3202100313 3121ITC053 C
3121ADM030 SUPPLEMENTAL LEARNING SERVICES LLC Reader Services $17,680.00 3121ADM030 C
3119ADM046 MARATHON RESOURCE MANAGEMENT GROUP LLC Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $17,723.00 3201900074 3119ADM046 C

3119ADM046 P

3119ADM046 P1

3119ADM046 P2

3119ADM046 P3

3119ADM046 P4

3119ADM046 R1of3
2821ATP004 ONPURPOSE ENRICHMENT INC G-Apprenticeship $17,833.00 2821ATP004 C
3122ITC019 AMAZON WEB SERVICES INC Software/Maintenance $17,870.52 3202200095 3122ITC019 C
3122ADM060 VANESSA LEAL Reader Services $18,000.00 3202200107 3122ADM060 C
3121ADM119 VANESSA LEAL Assistive Technology Services (Blind & Visually Impaired) $18,000.00 3202100236 3121ADM119 C
3122ADM056 SADA SYSTEMS INC Software/Maintenance $18,000.00 3202100330 3122ADM056 C
3122ITC038 SHI GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS INC Information Technology (Administrative) $18,225.00 3202200126 3122ITC038 C
3121ADM155 ELECTRONIC DATA CARRIERS INC Building Maintenance/Repair $18,289.65 3202100303 3121ADM155 C
3121ITC057 FREEIT DATA SOLUTIONS INC Software/Maintenance $18,394.43 3202100318 3121ITC057 C
3122ITC006 SHI GOVERNMENT SOLUTIONS INC Software/Maintenance $18,516.00 3202200070 3122ITC006 C
3122ADM047 WORKQUEST Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security, Utilities, etc) $18,530.00 3202200096 3122ADM047 C
3122ITC007 DLT SOLUTIONS LLC Software/Maintenance $18,553.26 3202200071 3122ITC007 C
3117ADM001 WEST PUBLISHING CORPORATION Other Administrative $18,559.29 3117ADM001 C1

3117ADM001 C2

3117ADM001 C3

3117ADM001 C4

3117ADM001 C5

3117ADM001 C6

3117ADM001 C7

3117ADM001 C8
3121ADM073 WORKQUEST Recycling and Shredding $18,800.00 3202100137 3121ADM073 C

3121ADM073 C1
3120ADM008 DG INVESTMENT INTERMEDIATE HOLDINGS 2 IN Services-Other (Janitorial, Pest, Security) $2,250.00 3202000051 3120ADM008 C