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Training and Development specializes in developing and delivering value-added Human Dynamics and Workforce Development training that is unique to the needs of its customers. We provide services for TWC staff, Local Workforce Development Boards, local service providers, and other government agencies.

We can work with our customers to fine-tune training to emphasize certain concepts or topics. To enhance our responsiveness and expand our range of services and customers, we provide training services under a "fee-for-service" administrative initiative for partial cost recovery.

We are here to help Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) and our partners enhance employee workplace skills and productivity through the development, coordination, and delivery of quality learning opportunities.

As the Director of the Training and Development Department (T&D), I’m excited to have the opportunity to support our history of quality training! Our friendly, innovative trainers collectively represent many years of experience meeting training needs like yours.

We are honored to assist you with your training needs. We want to help you achieve the best business outcomes, rise to your full potential, and serve the people of Texas even better.

We invite you to browse the T&D Course Catalog. Course descriptions are listed in alphabetical order. Some courses specifically target workforce services, while other courses are applicable to general audiences.

If you are ready to schedule or attend training, or need more information, please email or call us.

Rhonda Skillern
Director, TWC Training and Development Department

To register for any of the training opportunities found in our training schedule, email us the class name, session information, the participant's name, e-mail address, and employer/agency.

Please fax us the purchase order or email it to us.

Please include the name of the training, session information, the number of participants attending, the total amount of the purchase order, and a signature. You will be invoiced after the training occurs.

You may request to schedule a class or other services by phone or email. We will be happy to discuss any specific training needs you might have.

These are virtual classroom trainings that will be held in an online classroom using TEAMS or Zoom. To check availability for any of these classes, please contact us by phone or email.

Achieving Greater Success through Accountability (MDPACC)Personal accountability is critical to TWC's success to meet its mission and as the agency continues to implement Rapid Process Improvement. The training will cover three areas: accountability overview, elements of personal accountability, and how to improve personal accountability.
Aspiring Leaders: Getting Primed to Advance (MDPASP)If you are an aspiring leader or a relatively new supervisor, this course is for you.  Learn specific steps to prepare yourself for leadership opportunities and how to avoid common pitfalls.
Business Writing Streamlined (PBWSL)This one-day class provides information to help you communicate more effectively at work by targeting the needs of your reading audience, planning and organizing your documents, choosing words that are clear, precise, and to the point, and editing and revising your documents for maximum clarity and effectiveness. Note: This course complements information in two other training courses: “Grammar Streamlined for Business Writing” and “Writing Effective Email”.
Coaching (MDPCCH)This course trains supervisors in effective coaching techniques designed to improve employees' accountability, engagement and work performance.
Communication Skills (PCOMUN)Learn techniques for developing your communication skills by using practical activities in a small group setting.
Confident Communication (MDPCCO)Learn how to communicate confidently, assertively, and diplomatically in ways that respect everybody’s needs. In this course, you will identify the strengths and weaknesses of four different styles of communication and practice techniques in a variety of situations.
Conflict Management Strategies (MDPCMS)Learn the tools and techniques you need to transform conflict into a positive, productive process.
Customer Service (MDPCSV)A positive customer service attitude improves your relationship with vendors, contractors, and co-workers, as well as with the people you serve. This course focuses on developing customer service skills and helping you develop the values, beliefs, and attitudes needed to deliver outstanding customer service.
Customer Service for Managers (MDPCSR)In this workshop, you will learn ideas and share best practices that can inspire your team to deliver outstanding customer service, including ways to empower employees to surpass expectations, measure and improve customer satisfaction, and recognize and reward employees in cost-effective ways.
Dealing with Difficult People (MDPWDP)In this enjoyable, interactive workshop, you will identify the different types of difficult behavior, and learn strategies to redirect them into calmer, more productive interactions.
Diversity in the Workplace: Respectful Communication (MDPDRC)How can you help build a workplace that respects and supports people of all cultures and backgrounds? This training will show you how with a fun mix of videos, group discussions, and scenarios. You will discover tactful, easy-to-use techniques to redirect inappropriate communication and facilitate respectful interactions in the office.
Emotional Intelligence: Making Better Connections (MDPEIC)Emotional intelligence (EI) is part of interpersonal intelligence that helps us become more aware of our own emotions, what impacts us, and why and how we impact others. Learn how to understand and manage your EI.
Emotionally Intelligent Manager (YMG025)Emotional intelligence (EQ) is thought to be the “X factor” that distinguishes good managers from great managers. Review the four components of EQ and explore strategies for use of EQ in the workplace.
Employee Retention (MDPRTN)Discover how “hiring smart” and improving the onboarding process enhances employee engagement and retention.
Facilitation Skills for Meetings (MDPFAC)Learn the best ways to facilitate a group process without inadvertently biasing the content. In this class, you will explore your functions in the role of facilitator, steps to plan effectively, the five stages of group dynamics, and appropriate responses to pitfalls.
Grammar Streamlined for Business Writing (PGSBW)Learn how to address some of the most common grammar errors and maximize resources to help you write business documents correctly and professionally.
InfoMaker Basics for TWIST Ad Hoc Reports (AINFBA)Learn how to use InfoMaker to design customized queries and reports based on information that you will pull from The Workforce Information System of Texas (TWIST). Topics include creating and formatting reports, selecting criteria to limit results, and exporting files.
InfoMaker Level II (AINFII)Learn InfoMaker Level II functionality. The course focuses on Advanced Joins and Outer Joins; Advanced Operator Options; Mailing Labels; Using Functions and Formulas; Filtering Data; PSR Viewer, Intro to SQL; and Importing Data into Access. Prerequisites: InfoMaker Basics for TWIST Ad Hoc Reports.
Insights into Personal Effectiveness (MDPIPE)Insights® and its preference evaluator are tools that can help you understand your unique personality. Discover your strengths, weaknesses, communications style, and value to your team.
Management Strategies for Employee Development (MDMSED)Learn how to create a growth environment by planting seeds to nurture employees' strengths and maximize employees' potential for success.
Managing Across Generations (MDPMAG)In this workshop, supervisors and managers will assess how multigeneration-friendly their workplace is, explore the differences between the generations, learn how to use the M.E.E.T. model (Make time to discuss, Explore differences, Encourage respect, Take personal responsibility). This course is a winner of the International Association of Business Communicators Bronze Quill Award of Merit for Writing.
Microsoft Office: Word Basics (WORD16)Learn basic skills to create, edit, and apply accessibility best practices to a simple Microsoft Word document.
Office 2016: PowerPoint Basics (PPT16)Learn the basic skills needed to create, design, and edit a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, and to apply Section 508 accessibility practices.
Problem-Solving & Decision-Making Strategies (MDPPDS)This course will give you the tools and techniques you need to analyze the root causes of a problem, generate innovative solutions, weigh the costs and benefits, and implement the most effective decision.
Project Management Basics (MDPPMB)This course will help you understand the fundamental concepts of project management in a nontechnical and highly practical way.
Reclaiming Your Time (MDPRYT)Are you in control of your time, or is it controlling you? This workshop will give you the tools and techniques you need to take charge of your time. Learn to identify your personal time management challenges and how to deal with each; learn a seven-step process for effectively managing your time, one day at a time; and discover ways to organize your environment, reduce distractions, and end your battles with procrastination.
The Secret to Being an Engaged Employee (MDPENG)Learn to view the world through a more positive lens, increase your employee engagement and have a positive effect on the work environment.
Skills for Occasional Trainer (MDPSOT)This course will arm you with the tools you need to assess the needs of the audience, apply the principles of adult learning, develop focused training content, and create a meaningful classroom experience.
Strengths: Enhance Your Personal Performance (MDSTRE)Discover and use your top five strengths for increased productivity.
Stress Management (MDPSTR)Learn what stress is, how it affects your body and mind, and practice techniques for reducing and eliminating it.
Succeeding at TWC: Professionalism (MDPPCD)Examine the concept of professionalism and learn the purpose of TWC's Five Core Dimensions, the criteria by which all TWC employees are evaluated.
Supervisory Skills Development (MDPSSD)Learn the roles and responsibilities of managers and supervisors in this two-and-a-half-day workshop. Gain practical skills to help develop and inspire your team.
Tapping Into Your Inner Confidence (MPTYIC)Learn two simple techniques to help you tap into your inner confidence and perform at your best, including at work, at home, and in all facets of your life.
Transitional Motivation (MDPTRM)This companion course to “Managing Transition for Supervisors” focuses on techniques to support positive transition and emphasizes taking individual responsibility for our response to change.
TWIST Basic Navigation (ATWNHR)This course covers the fundamentals you need to collect customer data, determine customer benefits, and manage your cases.
TWIST Counselor Notes (ATWCON)This course provides guidance on comprehensive documentation of services and contacts with customers, per Workforce Development (WD) Letter 06-13: Documenting Services and Participant Contact in The Workforce Information System of Texas Counselor Notes.
WF 101: An Intro to Texas Workforce Solutions (PWF101)Learn the components and structure of Texas Workforce Solutions.
Working with Generational Differences (MDPWGD)In this fascinating, enjoyable workshop, you will discover: key characteristics of the five different generations in the workplace; ways specific events shaped each generation’s beliefs, values, and expectations; and communication strategies that foster respect and problem-solving. Understand the motivating forces for the different generations and apply their preferred communication skills. Basic Navigation Virtual Class for Business Services (WITVBS)The WorkInTexas (WIT) Virtual Basic Navigation for Business Services covers the basic WIT application functions and how to navigate the software focusing on the Business Services role for assisting Employers. This class is an Online class delivered through a virtual application and consists of demonstrations and exercises.
WorkInTexas Virtual Basic Navigation for Career Counselors (WITVCC)The WorkInTexas (WIT) Virtual Basic Navigation for Career Counselors covers the basic WIT application functions and how to navigate the software focusing on the Career Counselor role.
Writing Effective Email (MDPWEM)In this workshop, you will learn techniques to keep your email brief, clear, and to the point, as well as how to set the right tone between formal and casual for your reader.
Writing Standard Operating Procedures (TWCSOP)Creating a standard operation procedure (SOP) is challenging. How do you cover all the steps without getting bogged down by details? Learn how to write and maintain an SOP that everyone understands.

Board and Contractor staff can select the Workforce Case Management Resources webpage for training and additional information.