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Notify the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) promptly when there are changes to your tax account.

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Updating Employer Tax Account Information

If you have an existing TWC account and have a change in your business, such as:

  • Changed address or phone number
  • Need to reopen or close your tax account

Submit your change(s) online, see Unemployment Tax Services.

If your change(s) cannot be completed on UTS, please contact tax.statussection@twc.texas.gov for assistance.

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Acquired a Business

If you have acquired a business through either:

  • Takeover of the employees and/or the assets
  • Purchase of an existing business

You will need to establish a new account; see Unemployment Tax Registration.

If you have an existing account and acquired another business, please contact tax.statussection@twc.texas.gov.

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Sold Your Business

If you sold your business or your employees now work for someone else, contact tax.statussection@twc.texas.gov.

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Changed Business Structure

If you have changed your business structure, submit an email to tax.statussection@twc.texas.gov.

Examples of changed business structure include:

  • Sole proprietor forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Partnership forming a corporation
  • Corporation merging into another entity


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Tax Account Suspended by TWC

TWC may suspend your account because you have not reported wages for an extended period of time. Every calendar quarter, the Tax department reviews all accounts and suspends those that have not reported wages for the previous eight calendar quarters. A suspension will relieve employers of having to file a “no wages” quarterly report and prevent the possible accrual of late report penalties. We send a letter to employers advising them their account has been suspended and if they do resume employment, they should notify TWC so their account may be reactivated.

If wages resume, you can reopen your account on UTS; see Unemployment Tax Services.

If you are unable to reopen your account on UTS, notify TWC by email at tax.statussection@twc.texas.gov.  Include the following in your email.

1. Account number.
2. Account name.
3. Federal ID Number.
4. Name and Title of person requesting the closure (owner or officer).
5. Date a worker resumed services for the employer in Texas.
6. Date wages resumed in Texas.
7. Telephone Number/Mailing address update if needed.



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