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Protect the workforce that is key to your business. Explore shared work and other layoff aversion strategies and discover what you can do if you must let workers go.

Avoid Layoffs Through Shared Work

Find out how to avoid laying off workers by reducing the hours of some employees who can receive a partial unemployment benefit amount.

Save jobs with a shared work plan.

Know Employer Requirements for Layoffs

Find out if the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act applies to your business. Learn how WARN provides assistance to affected employees. Get other information on employer requirements and employee rights:

Manage Layoffs & Plant Closings

Get help with layoffs and plant closings through our Rapid Response service. We coordinate services and provide immediate aid to companies and their workers facing layoffs. Rapid Response helps growing companies access skilled workers from companies that are downsizing.

Manage Unemployment Claims for Layoffs

Streamline the unemployment benefits claims process if faced with layoffs of 10 or more employees by taking advantage of our mass claims process:

Get Financial Assistance for the Trade Affected

Explore financial assistance available to manufacturers, communities, and farmers affected by import competition through Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA):