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Texas Workforce Solutions has services for employers to help workers who lose their jobs. Rapid Response helps workers with early steps to help find a new job quickly. Rapid Response services depend on the employer and employee needs.

Requesting Services

Texas employers may request Rapid Response services for their employees if they have an upcoming layoff. If the layoff affects just a few workers, the employer should tell them to go to their local Workforce Solutions office for services. For bigger layoffs, there are on-site services.

The employer must provide Rapid Response services to employees who file a Trade Adjustment Assistance petition. More information on TAA is available at Trade Adjustment Assistance program

If your business needs Rapid Response services, contact your Workforce Solutions office.

Rapid Response Services

Rapid Response services may cover the following topics:

  • Information on basic eligibility for unemployment benefits and how to apply
  • Job search help, such as:
    • Registration in, which is required for unemployment benefits
    • Accessing community resources
    • Résumé development 
    • Interviewing skills 
  • Labor market information
  • Stress management help
  • Financial management

Please contact your local Workforce Solutions office for more information.