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Claim Requirements

If you served in the military during your base period as defined in Eligibility & Benefit Amounts, your military wages qualify you for benefits if:

  • You are physically in Texas when filing the claim.
  • You separated under honorable conditions and completed your first full term of service.
  • You did not complete your first full term of service but you separated early for a reason specified by Congress as an exception to the full-term requirement on your claim.
  • You served at least 180 days of continuous active service, beginning on or after November 25, 2015, as a reservist or member of the National Guard, and received a DD Form 214 when separated, OR served at least 90 days of continuous active service, beginning on or before November 24, 2015, as a reservist or member of the National Guard, and received a DD Form 214 when separated.

Apply for benefits in one of two ways:

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Proof of Military Service

Provide TWC with DD Form 214

TWC requests your military information from the Federal Claims Control Center (FCCC). If there is no DD Form 214 on file with the FCCC they will notify TWC. TWC will then send you a notice asking you to send us a copy of your DD Form 14; it must be any one of member copy 4 through 8. We cannot use Member 1 (or short version) because it does not have all the required facts. We also request separation information directly from the military. We must have either your DD Form 214 or separation information from the military to use your military wages to calculate your benefit amounts.

Submit your DD Form 214 using our online UI Submission Upload portal

After we receive the DD Form 214 from you or separation information from the military, we determine if we can use your military wages to calculate your benefit amounts. We calculate military wages using information on your pay grade at the time of your separation.

If you do not have your copy of DD Form 214, you can request a copy by following the instructions on the National Archives website. We can request a copy for you; however, it can take up to two months for the military to provide us with information.

If You Disagree with DD Form 214

If you disagree with information on your DD Form 214 that prevents us from using your military wages to qualify for benefits, you can apply to your branch of service to change the DD Form 214 information. To request changes, submit a Department of Defense DD Form 149, Application for Correction of Military Record, to the appropriate address on the back of the form. You can download DD Form 149 from the National Archives web site or get one from your local Workforce Solutions office.

While you are waiting for a decision from the military, you must continue to request payment as long as you are unemployed. If you have questions about a military appeal, ask your branch of service.

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If You Receive Military Retirement or Disability Pay

You must report any military retirement pension or disability pay to TWC when you apply for benefits or by calling a Tele-Center at 800-939-6631. We may be required to deduct your retirement or disability pay from your unemployment benefits. We will mail you a decision on whether that pay affects your unemployment benefits.

  • Military retirement pensions that are paid as periodic payments are deducted from your benefit payments if you have military wages in the base period.
  • Disability pay is deducted from your benefit payments if it is paid by the military branch. It is not deducted if it is paid by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • If you receive a disability pension, you must be able to work full time to be eligible.

If your military retirement or disability pay is deducted from your benefit payments, we convert the amount of your monthly pension into a weekly amount and reduce your weekly benefit payment by the resulting amount.

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