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TWC Launches New Grant Program to Invest in Texas’ Future Workforce

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June 3, 2024

AUSTIN – The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) is now accepting applications for the Lone Star Workforce of the Future Fund, a program designed to increase qualified workers in high-demand occupations. The program was created by the 88th Texas Legislature through the passage of HB 1755, then signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott. 

“The Texas Workforce Commission is expanding its resources to provide training to Texans that aligns with the needs of our employers,” said TWC Chairman Bryan Daniel. “Initiatives such as the Lone Star Workforce of the Future Fund help prepare Texans for high demand jobs and continued economic growth.”

The launch of the program highlights one of Texas’ many investments to ensure a diverse workforce is available to fill current and emerging job openings. Resources offered through the Lone Star Workforce of the Future will also foster new workforce skills to meet the evolving needs of employers in the state’s growing economy.

“The Lone Star Workforce of the Future Fund is one of the many resources available to equip workers with the skills needed to begin a career in a high-demand occupation,” said Commissioner Representing Labor Alberto Treviño III. “Texans have more opportunities than ever to increase their skills and compete for employment in our rapidly growing economy.”

Eligible grantees include public junior colleges and technical institutions, as well as nonprofit organizations. Among other qualifications, applicants must demonstrate previous successful, verified training program outcomes. Approved grants will provide up to $7,500 per trainee, with a maximum award of $250,000. The Texas Legislature appropriated $5 million to the program for the FY 2024-2025 biennium and created an Advisory Board to assist TWC in administering the program.

“The Lone Star Workforce of the Future Fund provides an innovative path to build a talent pipeline for Texas employers,” said Commissioner Representing Employers Joe Esparza. “At the Texas Workforce Commission, we are not only serving the workforce of today, but also creating opportunities for economic prosperity for the workforce of tomorrow.”

According to TWC’s Labor Market Information Department, the number of job listings in Texas for middle skills occupations exceeded 1 million in 2023. By 2030, a projected total of at least 6.7 million Texans—approximately 43.8% of total employment—will be employed in a middle skills occupation. Programs such as the Lone Star Workforce of the Future Fund will expand TWC’s resources for addressing employer demand in these middle skills occupations.

TWC will accept applications for Lone Star Workforce of the Future Fund until funding is exhausted. Qualifying applicants can learn more and download an application at Lone Star Workforce of the Future Fund - Texas Workforce Commission.


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