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The Lone Star Workforce of the Future Fund (LSWF) is a program to increase the supply of qualified workers for entry-level to mid-level jobs in high demand occupations. In doing so, LSWF will ensure that the Texas workforce is capable of filling available and emerging jobs in this state. Grants may be awarded to public junior colleges, public technical institutes, and nonprofit organizations to develop and administer training programs to support this goal.

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The Lone Star Workforce of the Future Fund is administered by the Texas Workforce Commission. The program is funded by appropriations from the Texas Legislature.

The program is governed by the following rules and regulations:

Employer Engagement & Community Outreach Team

About our Employer Engagement and Community Outreach (EECO) Team:

Our team of highly skilled professionals is here to help with the development of projects and proposals.

The EECO specialists are available to work with employers, colleges, local workforce development boards, economic development partners, and business partners to ensure employers get the training their businesses need.

They also serve as a guide to other TWC services, helping businesses make the connections they need to maximize their workforce. For more information on how to utilize SDF training, please reach out to the business liaison in your region.