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Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has published the Request for Applications (RFA) for Adult Education and Literacy Providers (AEL). This RFA seeks applicants with demonstrated effectiveness to provide adult education for Texans. This RFA has two tracks:

  • Section 231 Activities: To develop, put in place, and improve adult education and literacy under AEFLA § 231. This includes programs for Corrections Education and Institutionalized Individuals under AEFLA § 225. 
  • Section 243 Activities: To carry out Integrated English Literacy and Civics Education (IELCE) under AEFLA § 243.

Applicants are able to apply for one or both tracks, using a separate application for each track.



Request for Application Components

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This RFA is available on the TWC procurement portal. The RFA consists of the following components:

This document provides instructions on submitting the RFA, and general requirements.

This form is required for all applications for 231 funds.  It contains the program requirements and the workplan for these applications.

This form is required for all applications for 243 funds.  It contains the program requirements, and the workplan that must be completed.

For each application a budget workbook must be submitted. For 231 Activities, the budget amount should be the same as determined by Form F1. For 243 Activities, budget must be within parameters, and be necessary and reasonable for the proposed workplan.

This form must be submitted if any exceptions are requested for the Terms and Conditions.

A copy of this form must be submitted with each application.

This form collects data on adult education outcomes in prior years. A copy of this form must be submitted with each application.

Applicants will list which counties they will serve using this form.  which will determine the proposed award amount (based on county fund allocations). A copy of this form must be submitted for all 231 applications.

Applicants will determine their minimum performance targets.  Minimum performance targets are based on the funding requested. Applicants may not submit performance targets lower than the amounts on this form. A copy of this form must be submitted for all 243 applications.

Terms and conditions relating to AEFLA Funding.

Terms and conditions related to TANF funding.

Terms and conditions related to all TWC grants.

Instructions related to budgets and completing Forms B and F.

A reference for local board plans. Applicants will need to align their proposals to relevant local board plans.


Submit all questions related to this RFA by email to