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TWC’s Child Care Investments Partnership (CCIP) program helps local workforce development boards (Boards) and their partners work together. Boards can partner to improve child care quality using both public and private funds.

Projects must focus on one or more of the following areas:

  • Child care apprenticeships
  • Home-based child care
  • Public-private prekindergarten partnerships
  • Business support for child care programs
  • Child care worker wage supports
  • Emergency response/recovery
  • Expansion of child care
  • Research studies 
  • Other quality improvement activities (to TWC approval)

How Does it Work?

A Board partners with one or more organizations to create a project proposal and apply to TWC. If TWC approves the proposal, the partner donates the funds to TWC. TWC matches that donation to cover the project’s costs and grants the full project funding amount to the Board. Donated funds must be from a non-federal source. The Board is responsible for implementing the project. The Board may use grants or contracts to do so.

How to Apply

Organizations interested in partnering must contact their local Board. To apply for the grant funds, Boards must enter into an agreement with one or more partner and submit the forms listed below. The Board must email the completed, signed, and dated forms to