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Workforce Policy and Guidance

Workforce Policy and Guidance

TWC’s Workforce Policy and Guidance page provides searchable access to Workforce Development Letters, Adult Education and Literacy Letters, and Technical Assistance Bulletins. If you have questions about policy guidance, please email:

Comprehensive Program Guides

Visit the Workforce Program Guides page to access comprehensive program-specific guides that provide information and guidance on programs administered by TWC.

WD Letters, AEL Letters, and TA Bulletins

Information on all active and rescinded letters will appear in search results. However, a link to the letter is provided only for 1) active letters and 2) rescinded letters that were originally issued on or after January 1, 2016. Filter results by using the boxes below for Search Subject/Guidance No., Status, Keywords, Type, and Date. Once filters are selected, click the Apply button. Click the Reset button to clear all filters to begin a new search.

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Guidance Number Status Subject Keywords Publication Datesort ascending
WD 27-07 Active Integrated Data Collection and Performance Management

TWIST, WIA 08/01/2007
TA 154 Active Tools for Improving Services to Veterans ES, Veterans 07/25/2007
TA 153 Active Ensuring the Quality of Veteran Job Seekers' Applications in ES 07/24/2007
TA 151 Active Benefits of Registered Apprenticeship Training Programs Apprenticeship 06/19/2007
WD 33-07 Active Training Services Information in The Workforce Information System of Texas FSE&T, TAA, TANF/Choices, TWIST, WIA 06/06/2007
WD 31-07 Active Workforce Investment Act: Ineligible Participants TWIST, WIA 06/03/2007
TA 148 Active New Claimant Dispositions Report

Replaced by: ES Guide
All Programs 05/09/2007
WD 61-06, Chg 1 Active Literacy and Numeracy Testing for Out-of-School Youth: Update

TANF/Choices, TWIST, WIA 03/01/2007
TA 142 Active E-mail address for Trade Readjustment Allowances Questions TAA 02/20/2007
WD 10-07 Active Adoption of Local Workforce Development Board Policies in Open Meetings Administration 02/02/2007
WD 01-07 Active Workforce Investment Act: Using WIA Funds to Serve Incumbent and Employed Workers WIA 01/10/2007
TA 135 Active Forms for Obtaining Access to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission's Texas Integrated Eligibility Redesign and Systems for Applications of Verifications, Eligibility, Referral, and Reports Systems NCP Choices, SNAP E&T 11/08/2006
TA 126 Active Updated Process for Obtaining, Deleting Access, and Resetting Passwords for the Texas Health and Human Services NCP Choices, SNAP E&T 08/16/2006
WD 11-06 Active Eligibility for Non–Low-Income Individuals Meeting Specific Workforce Investment Act Eligibility Criteria Board Planning, WIA 07/31/2006
WD 47-06 Active Employment Service Salary and Fringe Benefit Reserve Balances Financial Reporting 07/11/2006
WD 41-06 Active Charges Related to Child Care Provided to Individuals Affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita

Child Care 06/26/2006
TA 124 Active Updated Form: Texas Health and Human Services Commission Form H1822 SNAP E&T 06/26/2006
WD 43-06 Active Workforce Investment Act: Appropriate Use of Third-Party Vendors WIA 06/22/2006
TA 121 Active Non-Workforce Resources Available to Foster Youth 06/08/2006
WD 54-05, Chg 2 Active Fiscal Year 2006 Allocations and Performance Targets—Choices Update Fiscal - Allocations 06/01/2006
WD 28-06 Active Child Care Services for National Emergency Grant Participants in Job Search Child Care 04/07/2006
WD 75-05 Active New Forms for The Workforce Information System of Texas

TWIST 10/29/2005
WD 60-05 Active Implementation of Financial Literacy Training in Workforce Development Services General 10/28/2005
WD 02-03, Chg 5 Active Workforce Investment Act Eligible Training Providers: Initial Eligibility Application Process and Performance Reporting Requirements WIA 10/25/2005
WD 58-05 Active Employment Assistance Programs For Certain Families of Military Personnel Veterans 08/31/2005
TA 101 Active National Veterans' Training Institute Course Attendance Veterans 08/18/2005
WD 44-05 Active Texas Workforce Commission Online Contract Closeout Process

Financial Reporting 08/09/2005
WD 17-05 Active New Unemployment Insurance Minimum Pay Reduction Requirements in

UI, 07/14/2005
WD 36-05 Active Payment of Royalties on Intellectual Property Created with Federal Grant Funds

Fiscal - Administration 06/13/2005
TA 96 Active Education Activities for At-Risk Child Care Child Care 04/21/2005