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Learn how to help your employees improve their skills! You can offer training opportunities like apprenticeships. Find support in training your employees through your local Workforce Solutions office. 

Local Training Assistance

Talk to your local Workforce Solutions office about training options for your business. Examples are the Skills Development Fund, apprenticeships, on-the-job training and adult literacy education. 

Explore Skills Training

Find out how Texas’ job training programs can help your business. These programs can improve the skills of your workforce. 

Skills Standards

Set requirements to make sure that workers have the necessary job-related skills. 

Train Your Small Business Staff

Discover how your small business can use customized training for new employees. Customized training can also improve the skills of current workers. 

Apprenticeship Training

Develop skilled workers using apprenticeship training.

Recruit & Retain Employees with Disabilities

TWC’s Vocational Rehabilitation Business Services can support your business in several ways. They can help you fill job openings with qualified job seekers with disabilities. They can also check your workplace for obstacles and offer training and help with accommodations. 

Agricultural Services

TWC's Agricultural Services unit supports the agricultural industry. They provide skilled workers, industry training and information about the job market. They help agricultural businesses meet their employment needs. 

Equal Employment Opportunity Law

Learn about equal employment opportunity (EEO) law and how it affects employment decisions.