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TWC will perform system maintenance on Saturday, December 3 resulting in a two-hour intermittent outage starting at 10:00 pm. This outage will affect TWC web applications such as Unemployment Benefits Services, WorkInTexas, and Unemployment Tax Services.
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Scam Alert

Did you get an email, text, or phone call that seems suspicious? Find details about scams and phishing schemes that attempts to get your personal information on our Avoiding Scams and Schemes page. 

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ID Verification Service Protects Your Personal Information


The Texas Workforce Commission has partnered with ID.me, an identity verification service, to protect your personal information and prevent unemployment benefits fraud.

If you are an unemployment benefits claimant, TWC may ask you to verify your identity through ID.me. The process is fast, easy, and secure.  The service is free and ensures that you are the only one who can access your unemployment claim information.

Did You Receive a Notice to Verify Your Identity Through ID.me?

If you filed a claim for unemployment benefits and received a letter to verify your identity using ID.me, please go to ID.me to verify your identity. Doing so will validate that you filed the unemployment claim. 

If you did NOT file a claim for unemployment benefits and received a letter to verify your identity using ID.me, you must NOT verify using ID.me. Instead, you should report the ID theft claim on TWC's online UI Fraud Submission portal (English). See the Unemployment Benefits Identity Theft page for more information.  

Suspected ID Theft Claim

If you are not claiming unemployment benefits and have information that a claim was filed using your identity, please report the ID Theft claim on TWC's online portal. 

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Job offer or return-to-work offer refused? Let us know.

To be eligible for unemployment benefits, claimants must be willing, able, and available for full-time work and they must apply for and accept suitable work. If you made a job offer to an applicant or gave your employees a chance to return to work but they refused, TWC needs to know. Please report these instances on our online Employer Work Refusal Documentation form. Although TWC will take appropriate action when you submit a report on individuals receiving unemployment benefits, not all submissions will prompt a return correspondence.

If the person did not appear for the interview or refused the job due to a reason not listed on the Documentation form, select Other from the Reason for Refusal drop-down menu, and give a short description in the Refusal Other Description field.

Employers who posted a job on WorkInTexas.com can follow these instructionsPDF to report why an applicant was not hired.

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TWC Unemployment News

Treasury Offset Program Collection

In October 2016, TWC began issuing letters to former unemployment benefit claimants who have debts that are subject to collection through the Treasury Offset Program (TOP). TOP is a federal program that collects past due debts owed to federal and state agencies by capturing Internal Revenue Service tax refunds to offset these debts. Claimants with an overpayment caused by incorrectly reported earnings, fraud and fraud penalties are subject to TOP. For more information, go to Overpayment of Unemployment Benefits.

U.S. Bank Debit Card

If you are paid benefits by debit card, you will automatically receive a U.S. Bank ReliaCard® in the mail. For more information, go to Receiving Benefits by Debit Card.

Electronic Unemployment Benefits Correspondence

Would you like to go paperless? Sign up for Electronic Correspondence to access to your unemployment benefits correspondence online, using a secure, personal inbox.

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Featured Topics

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Learn More About:

Income Taxes & Your Unemployment Benefits

You must report all unemployment benefits you received to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on your federal tax return. We mail IRS Form 1099-G in January, which provides all the information you need to report your benefits.

Beginning in mid-January, you can find the amount of benefits we paid you and any federal taxes withheld on Unemployment Benefits Services (View IRS 1099-G Information) or by calling Tele-Serv at 800-558-8321 (select option 2). TWC staff does not have that information before mid-January.

Find information on reporting your unemployment benefits to the IRS

Making Home Affordable

Learn to Manage the Financial Impact of a Job Loss

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Unemployment ID Theft

Go to the Unemployment ID Theft webpage if you are not claiming unemployment benefits and have information that a claim was filed using your ID.

Report ID Theft