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Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) provides searchable access to Workforce Development Letters, Adult Education & Literacy Letters, Customer Care Letters, Fraud Deterrence & Compliance Monitoring Letters, and Technical Assistance Bulletins. If you have questions about policy guidance, please email:

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Guidance Number Status Subject Additional Attachments Type Keywords Publication Date
WD 20-20, Chg 2 Active COVID-19 and Additional Enhanced Reimbursement Rate Funding Distributions—Update
  1. CCDBG CARES Act Funding Table
  2. Revisions to WD 20-20, Change 2, Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters Child Care, Natural Disaster 02/12/2021
AEL 06-18, Chg 1 Active Adult Education and Literacy Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Eligibility—Update
  1. Table of Substantive Revisions to AEL Letter 06-18
  2. Revisions to AEL Letter 06-18 Shown in Track Changes
AEL Letters AEL, TANF/Choices 08/13/2019
WD 02-21, Chg 1 Active Texas Rising Star Staff Education Extensions—Update
  1. Texas Rising Star Education Extensions Progress Report
  2. Revisions to WD Letter 02-21 Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters Child Care 09/23/2022
WD 19-23 Active Local Child Care Committee Requirements WD Letters Child Care 10/23/2023
TA 280, Chg 2 Active Determining High-Poverty Geographic Areas
  1. Revisions to TAB 280, Change 1, Shown in Track Changes
TA Bulletins WIOA 10/12/2021
AEL 02-23 Active Reporting Adult Education and Literacy Career Services and Training Services AEL Letters AEL 03/08/2023
TA 263 Active The Workforce Information System of Texas Trade Adjustment Assistance Desk Aid
  1. tab-263att1.pdf
TA Bulletins TAA, TWIST 09/04/2013
WD 33-07 Active Training Services Information in The Workforce Information System of Texas WD Letters FSE& T, TAA, TANF/Choices, TWIST, WIA 06/06/2007
AEL 03-20, Chg 1 Active Remote Testing, Waivers, and Performance in Adult Education and Literacy for Program Year 2020–2021
  1. Revisions to AEL Letter 03-20 Shown in Track Changes
AEL Letters AEL, Natural Disaster, WIOA 01/25/2021
AEL 02-19 Active Collection of Certain Participant Information for Performance Reporting AEL Letters AEL, TANF/Choices, WIOA 08/08/2019
TA 225 Active Customers Requiring Relay Services TA Bulletins Equal Opportunity, ES 07/09/2010
WD 23-22, Chg 1 Active Texas Rising Star Entry Level Designation Implementation—Update
  1. Attachment 1: Revisions to WD Letter 23-22 Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters Child Care 04/05/2023
SR WFCMS-04 Change 1 Active Workforce Case Management System Questions & Answers—Update Staff Resources 10/30/2023
WD 07-23 Active Board Contract Year 2023 Child Care Allocation
  1. 07-23-att1-twc.pdf
WD Letters Child Care 06/05/2023
AEL 01-20, Chg 1 Active Program Year 2019–2020 AEL Enrollment and Performance Targets—Update
  1. Updated Program Year 2019–2020 Adult Education and Literacy Enrollment Targets
  2. Target Renegotiation Comparison
  3. Program Year 2019 Adult Education and Literacy Performance Targets
  4. Texas Educating Adults Management System Funding Codes and Applicable Target Categories
  5. Revisions to AEL Letter 01-20 Shown in Track Changes
AEL Letters AEL, WIOA 05/05/2020
TA 261 Active U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Work-Study Program TA Bulletins All Programs 05/30/2013
WD 31-07 Active Workforce Investment Act: Ineligible Participants WD Letters TWIST, WIA 06/03/2007
WD 07-17 Active Local Workforce Development Board Transportation Policies to Safeguard against the Misuse of Funds—Update WD Letters Administration, Child Care, SNAP E&T, TAA, TANF/Choices, WIOA 02/07/2017
WD 16-19 Active Collection of Limited English Proficiency Status and Preferred Language Data WD Letters Equal Opportunity, TWIST, WIOA 06/18/2019
08-23, Change 1 Active Texas Child Care Connection and Child Care Automated Attendance—Update
  1. Child Care Provider Template KinderConnect
  2. Revisions to WD Letter 08-23 Shown in Track Changes
  3. Revisions to WD Letter 08-23, Attachment 1 Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters Child Care 11/08/2023
WD 28-15 Active Employment-First Policy WD Letters 11/13/2015
WD 13-21, Chg 1 Active Initial Job Search Child Care—Update
  1. Revisions to WD Letter 13-21 Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters Child Care 01/21/2022
WD 14-08 Active Modifications to Unemployment Insurance Benefits System Access
  1. 14-08-att1-twc.pdf
WD Letters ES, UI 03/19/2008
WD 13-23 Active RESEA Exemptions, Outreach, and Appointment Cancelations
  1. Outreach Scripts
WD Letters RESEA, 09/05/2023
WD 01-21 Active Applying Priority of Service and Identifying and Documenting Veterans and Transitioning Service Members
  1. Self-Attestation Form
WD Letters ES, TAA, TWIST, Veterans, WIOA, 01/22/2021
WD 13-19 Active Online Security Verification Procedures for the Cash Draw and Expenditure Reporting System WD Letters AEL, Financial Reporting 06/05/2019
WD 06-22 Active CLASS® Optional for Texas Rising Star Assessments
  1. Texas Rising Star and CLASS® Crosswalk: Category 2
WD Letters Child Care 03/18/2022
WD 02-23, Change 1 Active Adoption of a Universal Employment Plan—Update
  1. Attachment 1: Revisions to WD Letter 02-23 Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters ES, General, NCP Choices, RESEA, SNAP E&T, TAA, TANF/Choices, TWIST, Veterans, WIOA, 11/14/2023
WD 06-14, Chg 1 Active On-the-Job Training—Update
  1. On-the-Job Training Plan
  2. On-the-Job Training Monthly Time Report and Invoice
  3. Revisions to WD Letter 06-14 Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters TANF/Choices, TWIST, WIOA, 09/27/2021
WD 05-20 Active Veterans Reemployment Program WD Letters ES, ETP, Second Chance, TWIST, Veterans, WIOA 05/01/2020
TA 259 Active Provision of Meals and Refreshments TA Bulletins All Programs, Fiscal - Administration 04/22/2013
TA 142 Active E-mail address for Trade Readjustment Allowances Questions TA Bulletins TAA 02/02/2007
WD 05-19, Chg 1 Active Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Eligible Training Provider Program, Eligibility Criteria, and Performance Expectations—Update
  1. Revisions to WD 05-19 Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters ETP, WIOA 01/12/2021
WD 15-19 Active Guidelines for the Provision of Incentives for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Youth and Choices, including NCP Choices Participants WD Letters NCP Choices, TANF/Choices, TWIST, WIOA 05/21/2019
21-23, Change 1 Active Local Workforce Development Board Membership—Update
  1. Revisions to WD Letter 21-23 Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters Administration, Child Care, WIOA 11/20/2023
WD 29-22, Chg 2 Active Ban of TikTok and Other Nonwork-Related Social Network Services—Update
  1. State Agencies Letter
  2. TWC Prohibited Technologies Security Policy
  3. Revisions to WD Letter 29-22, Change 1, Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters Administration 04/25/2023
TA 303 Active LinkedIn Administrative Tools TA Bulletins General 03/02/2023
AEL 01-22 Active Program Year 2021–2022 AEL Allocations, Contracted Measures, and Performance-Based Funding
  1. FY2022/PY2021 Adult Education and Literacy Allocation by Provider (Year Beginning July 1, 2021)
  2. Program Year 2021–2022 Adult Education and Literacy Enrollment Targets
  3. Program Year 2021–2022 Performance-Based Funding Criteria
  4. TEAMS Activity Codes for AEL Core Grantee Enrollment Targets
AEL Letters AEL, WIOA 01/13/2022
WD 10-07 Active Adoption of Local Workforce Development Board Policies in Open Meetings WD Letters Administration 02/02/2007
WD 03-17 Active Chief Elected Official’s Membership Guide for Local Workforce Development Boards—Update WD Letters Administration, WIOA 01/19/2017
WD 06-15 Active Industry-Recognized Skills Certification Initiative
  1. 06-15-att1-twc.pdf
WD Letters WIA 03/09/2015
WD 17-10 Active Outreach and Promotional Materials, Advertising, Sponsorships, Employee Apparel, and Award Ceremonies Charged to Grant Awards and Subawards Funded through the Texas Workforce Commission WD Letters Equal Opportunity, General 05/11/2010
WD 28-23 Active Guidance on the Use of Metrix Learning™ Services
  1. Metrix General Online Coursework Enrollment Goals—Count by Board
  2. Metrix Industry Certification Track Training and Assistance Participant Estimates—Count by Board
  3. Metrix—Texas Administrator Guide
  4. Metrix Certification Tracks—Comprehensive Assistance Costs
WD Letters WIOA 11/21/2023
WD 18-21 Active Co-enrollment in the Trade Adjustment Assistance and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Dislocated Worker Programs
  1. Trade Adjustment Assistance Co-enrollment Declination Form
WD Letters TAA, TWIST, WIOA 09/27/2021
AEL 05-20 Active Modifications to Grants Awarded under TWC RFP 320-18-01, Adult Education and Literacy Service Provider Grant AEL Letters AEL 03/19/2020
WD 14-22, Chg 1 Active Child Care Provider Data and Board Agreements—Update
  1. Revisions to WD Letter 14-22, Change 1, Shown in Track Changes
WD Letters Child Care 01/13/2023
WD 80-05, Chg 1 Active Senate Bill 286: Open Meetings and Public Information Training Requirements for Elected and Appointed Public Officials and Board Responsibilities under the Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act WD Letters Administration 03/19/2008
SR WFCMS-01 Active Workforce Case Management System Project Overview 2022 Staff Resources 09/26/2022
AEL 09-20 Active Math Assistance Call Center AEL Letters AEL 12/21/2020
AEL 06-14 Active Contract Amendment Process for Adult Education and Literacy Contracts Ending June 30, 2016
  1. ael-06-14-att1-twc.xlsx
  2. ael-06-14-att2-twc.docx
AEL Letters AEL, TANF/Choices 12/30/2014