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Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) provides searchable access to Workforce Development Letters, Adult Education & Literacy Letters, Customer Care Letters, Fraud Deterrence & Compliance Monitoring Letters, and Technical Assistance Bulletins. If you have questions about policy guidance, please email:

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Policy Letters

Guidance Number Status Subject Additional Attachments Keywords Publication Date
WD 61-06 Literacy and Numeracy Testing for Out-of-School Youth TANF/Choices, TWIST, WIA 12/04/2006
WD 45-07 Cash Draw and Expenditure Reporting System Instructions Financial Reporting 10/19/2007
FDCM 04-22 Texas Wage and Hour Assistance FDCM 10/06/2022
17-12, Change 1 Active Capturing Training-Related Employment Data in―Update Revisions to WD Letter 17-12 Shown in Track Changes General, WIOA, 03/18/2024
WD 07-23 Active Board Contract Year 2023 Child Care Allocation BCY’23 Child Care Allocation and Adjusted Targets Child Care 06/05/2023
AEL 01-20, Chg 1 Active Program Year 2019–2020 AEL Enrollment and Performance Targets—Update Updated Program Year 2019–2020 Adult Education and Literacy Enrollment Targets , Target Renegotiation Comparison , Program Year 2019 Adult Education and Literacy Performance Targets , Texas Educating Adults Management System Funding Codes and Applicable Target Categories , Revisions to AEL Letter 01-20 Shown in Track Changes AEL, WIOA 05/05/2020
TA 261 Active U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Work-Study Program All Programs 05/30/2013
WD 27-23 Active Board Contract Year 2024 Child Care Allocations and Targets BCY’24 Child Care Allocations and Adjusted Targets Child Care 12/07/2023
WD 09-19, Change 3 Active Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Performance Outcomes: Measurable Skill Gains—Update Types and Documentation of Measurable Skill Gains , Revision to WD Letter 09-19, Change 2 Shown in Track Changes AEL, Performance, TAA, VR, WIOA 03/18/2024
WD 28-15 Active Employment-First Policy 11/13/2015
WD 14-08 Active Modifications to Unemployment Insurance Benefits System Access Unemployment Insurance Benefits System Screens ES, UI 03/19/2008
08-23, Change 2 Active Texas Child Care Connection and Child Care Automated Attendance—Update Attachment 1 , Attachment 2 , Attachment 3 Child Care 12/07/2023
WD 13-19 Active Online Security Verification Procedures for the Cash Draw and Expenditure Reporting System AEL, Financial Reporting 06/05/2019
WD 06-22 Active CLASS® Optional for Texas Rising Star Assessments Texas Rising Star and CLASS® Crosswalk: Category 2 Child Care 03/18/2022
WD 06-13, Change 2 Active Documenting Services and Participant Contact in Case Notes—Update Attachment 1: Revisions to WD Letter 06-13 Shown in Track Changes , Sample Comprehensive Narrative Entries for Case Notes General, NCP Choices, SNAP E&T, TAA, TANF/Choices, WIOA, 03/18/2024
WD 06-14, Chg 1 Active On-the-Job Training—Update On-the-Job Training Plan , On-the-Job Training Monthly Time Report and Invoice , Revisions to WD Letter 06-14 Shown in Track Changes TANF/Choices, TWIST, WIOA, 09/27/2021
TA 259 Active Provision of Meals and Refreshments All Programs, Fiscal - Administration 04/22/2013
TA 142 Active E-mail address for Trade Readjustment Allowances Questions TAA 02/02/2007
WD 29-23 Active Texas Rising Star Child Care Rule Waivers Child Care 12/14/2023
WD 05-19, Chg 1 Active Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Eligible Training Provider Program, Eligibility Criteria, and Performance Expectations—Update Revisions to WD 05-19 Shown in Track Changes ETP, WIOA 01/12/2021
WD 28-23, Change 1 Active Guidance on the Use of Metrix Learning™ Services―Update Revisions to WD Letter 28-23 Shown in Track Changes , Metrix General Online Coursework Enrollment Goals—Count by Board , Metrix Industry Certification Track Training and Assistance Participant Estimates—Count by Board , Texas Administrator Guide , Metrix Certification Tracks—Comprehensive Assistance Costs WIOA, 03/18/2024
WD 29-22, Chg 2 Active Ban of TikTok and Other Nonwork-Related Social Network Services—Update State Agencies Letter , TWC Prohibited Technologies Security Policy , Revisions to WD Letter 29-22, Change 1, Shown in Track Changes Administration 04/25/2023
AEL 01-22 Active Program Year 2021–2022 AEL Allocations, Contracted Measures, and Performance-Based Funding FY2022/PY2021 Adult Education and Literacy Allocation by Provider (Year Beginning July 1, 2021) , Program Year 2021–2022 Adult Education and Literacy Enrollment Targets , Program Year 2021–2022 Performance-Based Funding Criteria , TEAMS Activity Codes for AEL Core Grantee Enrollment Targets AEL, WIOA 01/13/2022
WD 10-07 Active Adoption of Local Workforce Development Board Policies in Open Meetings Administration 02/02/2007
WD 28-20, Change 1 Active Deobligation and Reallocation of Commission-Allocated Funds—Update Revisions to WD Letter 28-20 Shown in Track Changes Child Care, SNAP E&T, TANF/Choices, WIOA 12/14/2023
WD 03-17 Active Chief Elected Official’s Membership Guide for Local Workforce Development Boards—Update Administration, WIOA 01/19/2017
WD 06-15 Active Industry-Recognized Skills Certification Initiative Texas Workforce Commission Fiscal Year 2015 Industry-Recognized Skills Certification Initiative Funding Distributions WIA 03/09/2015
WD 17-10 Active Outreach and Promotional Materials, Advertising, Sponsorships, Employee Apparel, and Award Ceremonies Charged to Grant Awards and Subawards Funded through the Texas Workforce Commission Equal Opportunity, General 05/11/2010
TAB 292, Change 1 Active Assessments in—Update Revisions to TAB 292 Shown in Track Changes AEL, NCP Choices, Performance, TAA, VR, WIOA 03/18/2024
AEL 05-20 Active Modifications to Grants Awarded under TWC RFP 320-18-01, Adult Education and Literacy Service Provider Grant AEL 03/19/2020
WD 14-22, Chg 1 Active Child Care Provider Data and Board Agreements—Update Revisions to WD Letter 14-22, Change 1, Shown in Track Changes Child Care 01/13/2023
WD 80-05, Chg 1 Active Senate Bill 286: Open Meetings and Public Information Training Requirements for Elected and Appointed Public Officials and Board Responsibilities under the Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act Administration 03/19/2008
WD 19-23, Change 1 Active Local Child Care Committee Requirements—Update Revision to WD Letter 19-23 Shown in Track Changes Child Care 12/19/2023
AEL 09-20 Active Math Assistance Call Center AEL 12/21/2020
AEL 06-14 Active Contract Amendment Process for Adult Education and Literacy Contracts Ending June 30, 2016 Budget Amendment Worksheet , AEL Contract Action Request Form AEL, TANF/Choices 12/30/2014
WD 08-22 Active Using Eligible Training Provider List for CCDF-Funded Initiatives Child Care, ETP 03/31/2022
WD 06-19, Change 2 Active Incumbent Worker Training—Update Revisions to WD Letter 06-19 Shown in Track Changes , Incumbent Worker Tool , Notification Form for Incumbent Worker Training WIOA, 03/18/2024
WD 04-21, Chg 3 Active Child Care Investments Partnership Program—Update Child Care Investments Partnership Project Examples , Revisions to WD Letter 04-21, Change 2, Shown in Track Changes Child Care 04/25/2023
FDCM 02-23 Active Agency Board Agreement Policy and Procedure Uploads FDCM 03/01/2023
TA 249 Active Identity Mismatch Verification Report Identity Mismatch Verification Report Child Care, TWIST 04/02/2013
TA 126 Active Updated Process for Obtaining, Deleting Access, and Resetting Passwords for the Texas Health and Human Services NCP Choices, SNAP E&T 08/16/2006
AEL 08-18, Chg 1 Active AEL Enrollment and Performance Targets—Update Targets for Program Year 2018 AEL Participants Served—Updated with Final Targets , TEAMS Funding Sources and Applicable Target Categories , Statewide Q1–Q3 and Q4 Measurable Skill Gains Targets and Subtargets , Revisions to AEL Letter 08-18 Shown in Track Changes AEL 03/04/2019
WD 53-09 Active Guidelines for Safeguarding the Issuance of Nonmonetary Incentives for Workforce Investment Act and Choices Participants TANF/Choices, WIA 12/23/2009
FDCM 01-23 Active Monitoring the Summer Earn and Learn Program FDCM 02/23/2023
WD 26-21 Active Customer Load Exceptions SNAP E&T, TANF/Choices, TWIST 12/28/2021
WD 07-08 Active House Bill 1196: Repayment of Public Subsidies by Businesses Convicted of Knowingly Employing Undocumented Workers Administration 02/07/2008
WD 01-24 Active Child Care Professional Development and Resources in Spanish Child Care 01/03/2024
SR WFCMS-01 Active Workforce Case Management System Project Overview 2022 09/26/2022
WD 04-20, Chg 2 Active Greeter in the System—Update Greeter State-Level Defaults Visit Reasons , Revisions to WD 04-20, Change 2, Shown in Track Changes 12/11/2020
WD 18-07, Chg 2 Active Discrimination Complaint Procedures—Update Texas Workforce Solutions Discrimination Complaint Procedures , Texas Workforce Solutions Complaint Information Form (English) , Texas Workforce Solutions Complaint Information Form (Spanish) , Revisions to WD Letter 18-07, Change 1, Shown in Track Changes , Revisions to WD Letter 18-07, Change 1, Attachment 1, Shown in Track Changes Equal Opportunity 01/30/2019