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Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) provides searchable access to Workforce Development Letters, Adult Education & Literacy Letters, Customer Care Letters, Fraud Deterrence & Compliance Monitoring Letters, and Technical Assistance Bulletins. If you have questions about policy guidance, please email:

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Policy Letters

Guidance Number Status Subject Additional Attachments Keywords Publication Date
SR WFCMS-01 Active Workforce Case Management System Project Overview 2022 09/26/2022
WD 29-22 Rescinded Ban of TikTok and Other Nonwork-Related Social Network Services—Update Administration 02/17/2023
SR WFCMS-02 Active WFCMS Business Requirements 09/26/2022
SR WFCMS-03 Active Workforce Case Management System September Update 10/05/2022
SR WFCMS-04 Rescinded Workforce Case Management System Questions & Answers 07/28/2023
WD 29-21 Active COVID-19 Stimulus–Funded Child Care Provider Growth Support Payments Initial Board Distributions for Provider Growth Support Payments Child Care, Natural Disaster 12/14/2021
WD 12-19, Chg 2 Active Funding Training Programs outside of Local Workforce Development Areas through Individual Training Accounts—Update Revisions to WD Letter 12-19, Change 1, Shown in Track Changes ETP, WIOA 10/25/2021
WD 27-21 Active Texas Workforce Awards 27-21-att1-twc.pdf , 27-21-att2-twc.pdf Administration, AEL, Performance 10/21/2021
TA 289, Chg 3 Rescinded WIOA Youth Program Elements—Update TWIST, WIOA 07/27/2023
WD 17-07, Chg 1 Rescinded Storage and Use of Disability-Related and Medical Information—Update Equal Opportunity, VR 01/26/2018
TA 287 Active Training, Assistive Technology, and Accessibility All Programs, Equal Opportunity, VR 01/17/2018
WD 24-11, Chg 1 Active Reporting Negative Incidents Involving Texas Workforce System Customers—Update Revisions to WD Letter 24-11 Shown in Track Changes All Programs, Equal Opportunity 01/17/2018
WD 12-23 Active Provision of SNAP E&T Workfare Agreements for FFY'24 Federal Fiscal Year/Program Year 2024 Workfare Agreement Template , Workfare Agreement Checklist , Minimum Annual Number of Workfare Slots for Federal Fiscal Year 2024 by Board Area SNAP E&T 07/25/2023
WD 29-15, Chg 1 Active Board Oversight Capacity Evaluation Criteria—Update Sample Board Oversight Capacity Ratings Score Card , Board Attestation and Community Impact Statement Form , Revisions to WD Letter 29-15 Shown in Track Changes Administration 11/30/2017
WD 08-23 Rescinded Texas Child Care Connection and Child Care Automated Attendance Child Care 07/11/2023
WD 20-21, Chg 1 Active Digital Skills Building—Update Navigating the Rider 47 Targeted Skill Building Tool , Revisions to WD Letter 20-21 Shown in Track Changes AEL, ES, SNAP E&T, TAA, TANF/Choices, WIOA 06/26/2023
WD 11-23 Active Board Strategic Planning for Quality Improvement Event Travel Funds Distributed by Local Workforce Development Board Child Care 06/26/2023
WD 10-23 Rescinded TECPDS Board Training and Participation Child Care 06/26/2023
WD 09-23 Active Texas School Ready™ Comprehensive Program Texas School Ready™ Eligibility and Application Procedures Child Care 06/12/2023
FDCM 10-17 Active Identifying Disallowable Costs FDCM 11/27/2017
WD 01-15, Chg 1 Active Equal Opportunity Officers and Section 504 Coordinators—Update Revisions to WD Letter 01-15 Shown in Track Changes Equal Opportunity, WIOA 10/13/2017
AEL 05-17 Active Self-Attestation for Age-Related Eligibility AEL 10/02/2017
WD 04-23 Active Build America, Buy America Act: Compliance under Vocational Rehabilitation Contracts with Local Workforce Development Boards Build America, Buy America Contract Provision for Vocational Rehabilitation Contracts , Build America, Buy America Act Waiver Request Instructions for Boards , Sample Steps for Identifying a Need for a BABAA Waiver Request for a Contract for Infrastructure Project Costs VR 06/07/2023
WD 06-19, Chg 1 Rescinded Incumbent Worker Training—Update WIOA 06/06/2023
WD 03-21, Chg 1 Active Changes Affecting the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR Part 200) and Texas Uniform Grant Management Standards—Update Revisions to WD Letter 03-21, Shown in Track Changes All Programs, Fiscal - Administration 10/15/2021
TA 280, Chg 2 Active Determining High-Poverty Geographic Areas Revisions to TAB 280, Change 1, Shown in Track Changes WIOA 10/12/2021
WD 07-23 Active Board Contract Year 2023 Child Care Allocation BCY’23 Child Care Allocation and Adjusted Targets Child Care 06/05/2023
WD 23-21 Rescinded Funds for Hiring and Retaining Texas Rising Star Mentors and Assessors Child Care 10/05/2021
WD 06-14, Chg 1 Active On-the-Job Training—Update On-the-Job Training Plan , On-the-Job Training Monthly Time Report and Invoice , Revisions to WD Letter 06-14 Shown in Track Changes TANF/Choices, TWIST, WIOA, 09/27/2021
WD 29-22, Chg 2 Active Ban of TikTok and Other Nonwork-Related Social Network Services—Update State Agencies Letter , TWC Prohibited Technologies Security Policy , Revisions to WD Letter 29-22, Change 1, Shown in Track Changes Administration 04/25/2023
WD 18-21 Rescinded Co-enrollment in the Trade Adjustment Assistance and Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Dislocated Worker Programs TAA, TWIST, WIOA 09/27/2021
WD 04-21, Chg 3 Active Child Care Investments Partnership Program—Update Child Care Investments Partnership Project Examples , Revisions to WD Letter 04-21, Change 2, Shown in Track Changes Child Care 04/25/2023
WD 16-21 Rescinded Trade Adjustment Assistance Reversion 2021 TAA, TWIST, UI, WIOA 09/27/2021
AEL 04-17 Active Implementing and Reporting Workforce Preparation Activities AEL, Fiscal - Administration, WIOA 09/05/2017
AEL 03-17 Active Implementing and Reporting Workforce Training under the Integrated Education and Training Approach to Service Delivery AEL, Fiscal - Administration, WIOA 08/11/2017
WD 22-21 Active Texas Rising Star Contracted Slots Pilot Program Texas Rising Star Contracted Slots Pilot Program Application Child Care 09/17/2021
AEL 06-15, Chg 1 Active Expansion of Eligible Population to Be Served from Institutions of Higher Education AEL, WIOA 04/19/2017
WD 06-23 Active Child Care Services Provider Exit Survey Child Care Services Provider Exit Survey (Sample) Child Care 04/24/2023
TA 299 Active Trade Adjustment Assistance Training Service Closure TAA, TWIST 09/08/2021
WD 18-22, Chg 1 Active Local Workforce Development Board Plans: Guidelines for Two-Year Plan Modifications of 2021–2024 Plans—Update WIOA Board Two-Year Plan Modification Form , TWIC Requirements , WIOA Target Occupations, In-Demand Occupations, and In-Demand Industries Template , WIOA Target Occupations, In-Demand Occupations, and In-Demand Industries Template Instructions , Revisions to WD Letter 18-22 Shown in Track Changes Board Planning, WIOA 04/11/2023
WD 17-19, Chg 1 Active Registered Apprenticeship Training Programs and the Eligible Training Providers List—Update Revisions to WD Letter 17-19 Shown in Track Changes Apprenticeship, ETP, WIOA 08/11/2021
WD 19-21, Chg 2 Active Child Care Provider Contracted Slots Agreements—Update Board Contracted Slots Report , Revisions to WD 19-21, Change 1, Shown in Track Changes Child Care 04/10/2023
WD 21-16, Chg 3 Rescinded Requirements for Reporting and Fact-Finding for Suspected Fraud, Waste, Theft, Program Abuse Cases, and Recovery of Improper Payments—Update Administration, Child Care 07/29/2021
AEL 07-17, Chg 1 Active Required Syllabus Design for Adult Education and Literacy Instruction—Update Revisions to AEL 07-17 Shown in Track Changes AEL 07/21/2021
AEL 04-16, Chg 2 Active Implementing Integrated Education and Training English Literacy and Civics Education—Update WD 04-16, Change 2, with Revisions Shown in Track Changes AEL, Fiscal - Administration, WIOA 07/21/2021
AEL 02-17 Active Assessing English Language Learners in the Adult Education and Literacy Program AEL, Fiscal - Administration, WIOA 04/03/2017
WD 14-17 Active Operational Guidance for Receivables Established for Child Care Services Improperly Paid before October 1, 2016 Administration, Child Care 03/29/2017
AEL 01-17, Chg 1 Active Implementing Programs, Activities, and Services for English Language Learners—Update Revisions to AEL 01-17 Shown in Track Changes AEL, Fiscal - Administration, WIOA 07/21/2021
WD 14-19, Chg 2 Active Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act: Individual Training Accounts and Training Contracts—Update Revisions to WD Letter 14-19, Change 2, Shown in Track Changes ETP, WIOA 06/28/2021
TA 277 Active Determining Net Self-Employment Income Using a Standard Deduction Sample Self-Employment Income and Expense Statement Child Care 03/21/2017