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Find resources on the Adult Education and Literacy (AEL) program, which provides adult students with English language, math, reading, writing and, in some instances, workforce training.

Provides unemployment insurance claimants and employers the opportunity to challenge an adverse determination concerning the entitlement to benefits or the chargeback of benefits to an employer's account.

Learn about TWC’s Office of Apprenticeship Program, which supports apprenticeship training activities through coordination, guidance, planning, technical assistance, and funding supports. The program focuses on meeting the needs of employers throughout the state of Texas.

Find information on the Career Schools and Colleges program, which regulates career schools and colleges in Texas. These are private postsecondary schools where students learn vocations or to aid them in their current jobs.

The Child Care Services program provides financial assistance to families who meet income requirements. Child care scholarships are available to help parents work, search for work, or attend school or job training. The program also supports child care providers to improve the quality of services.

Find resources on the Choices program, which helps Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) recipients find jobs. TANF is cash provided by the government to families in need. The goal of Choices is to prepare people for work and end the need for government help.

The Civil Rights Division enforces state and federal laws. The division conducts investigations into discrimination in employment and housing across the state.

Application and information on how to apply for funding and eligible applicants. This page will provide information on how to apply, what vendors are participating and the wait time.

Find resources on the Employment Service program and related services.

Find resources on the Foreign Labor Certification program. This program allows employers hire foreign workers for temporary jobs in the United States.