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The High Demand Job Training Program webpage is intended to provide an overview of the program, as well as resources and guidance on how to apply. The goal of the program is to increase high demand job training in Texas communities.

The JET program provides grants to buy and install equipment for career and technical education (CTE) courses. These courses must lead to a license, certificate or post-secondary degree in a high-demand occupation. The JET Advisory Board meets every quarter to review received applications.

Labor Market Information help the public explore career choices and opportunities. Our data helps job seekers to make career choices that are right for them. Researchers use our data in career-related research.

The Lone Star Workforce of the Future Fund is a new program passed by the 88(R) Texas Legislature. The purpose of the program is to increase the supply of qualified workers for entry-level to mid-level jobs in high demand occupations. The program will ensure that the Texas workforce is capable of

Learn about the Noncustodial Parents (NCP) Choices program, which helps parents who don't have custody of their children and are struggling financially. The program helps parents who don't make enough money to support their children to find better jobs and move forward in their careers.

The Purchasing from People with Disabilities program helps disabled people work and be more independent. People with different disabilities make things or do services through Works Wonders. Before, it was managed by a group, but now TWC oversees it.

Find resources on the Reemployment Services & Eligibility Assessment Program, a mandatory statewide program that helps customers who are receiving unemployment benefits get back to work quickly.

Learn about the Self Sufficiency Fund Program and find guidelines on how to apply. The Self Sufficiency Fund is a training grant geared towards low-income individuals who are on, or at risk of becoming dependent on public assistance.

The Senior Community Service Employment Program helps older job seekers, age 55 and above, who have a low income. This program offers training and help to find jobs in the public and private sectors. Participants earn a small wage for working part-time at nonprofit groups or government agencies.

The Skills Development Fund is for businesses who want to train new workers or upgrade the skills of existing workers. Public community colleges or technical colleges may apply. The goal of the program is to upgrade the skill levels and wages of the Texas workforce.