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Workforce Policy and Guidance

Workforce Policy and Guidance

TWC’s Workforce Policy and Guidance page provides searchable access to Workforce Development Letters, Adult Education and Literacy Letters, and Technical Assistance Bulletins. If you have questions about policy guidance, please email:

Comprehensive Program Guides

Visit the Workforce Program Guides page to access comprehensive program-specific guides that provide information and guidance on programs administered by TWC.

WD Letters, AEL Letters, and TA Bulletins

Information on all active and rescinded letters will appear in search results. However, a link to the letter is provided only for 1) active letters and 2) rescinded letters that were originally issued on or after January 1, 2016. Filter results by using the boxes below for Search Subject/Guidance No., Status, Keywords, Type, and Date. Once filters are selected, click the Apply button. Click the Reset button to clear all filters to begin a new search.

* If a document is not posted online, you may request a copy by emailing workforce.editing@twc.texas.gov.

Guidance Number Status Subject Keywords Publication Datesort descending
WD 04-08 Active Procedure for Updating Directory of Workforce Centers and Satellite Offices

General 03/28/2008
WD 61-06, Chg 2 Active Literacy and Numeracy Testing for Out-of-School Youth: Revised

TANF/Choices, TWIST, WIA 04/01/2008
WD 13-08 Active Security of Personal Identity Data Administration, All Programs, General 04/01/2008
WD 08-08 Active Implementation of the New Integrated Complaints, Hearings, and Appeals Rules

Child Care, FSE&T, TANF/Choices, WIA 04/29/2008
TA 181 Active Severance Pay Withholding Information General, Rapid Response 06/24/2008
TA 179 Active Attainment of Degree or Certificate WIA 06/25/2008
TA 186 Active Ticket to Work Program All Programs 06/25/2008
WD 16-08, Chg 1 Active Prevention and Detection of Fraud, Waste, Theft, and Program Abuse – Update Administration 10/28/2008
TA 199 Active Clarification on Public Subsidies and Goods and Services All Programs 12/02/2008
TA 194 Active Improving WorkInTexas.com Job Match Quality

ES, WorkInTexas.com 12/17/2008
TA 198 Active Data Integrity Requests and Reports Child Care, TWIST 12/19/2008
WD 05-09 Active Advance Notice of Changes in Texas Workforce Center or Satellite Office Locations

Administration 02/18/2009
WD 06-07, Chg 3 Active The Workforce Information System of Texas: New Data Integrity Process—Update TWIST, WIA 06/01/2009
WD 21-09 Active Mandatory Training on the Impact of Family Violence Administration 06/26/2009
TA 212 Active Work Search Requirements for Texas Department of Insurance Supplemental Income Benefits’ Applicants ES, WorkInTexas.com 07/30/2009
TA 209 Active Rapid Response Service Tracking Recovery Act, TWIST, WIA 08/14/2009
TA 210 Active Recording Hires in WorkInTexas.com WorkInTexas.com 08/19/2009
TA 213 Active Workforce Investment Act Out of School Checkbox TWIST, WIA 08/21/2009
WD 38-09 Active Changes to Reporting Training Activities in The Workforce Information System of Texas All Programs, TWIST 09/16/2009
WD 28-07, Chg 1 Active Limitations on Salaries and Bonuses Paid with Workforce Investment Act and Wagner-Peyser Funds—Update

Fiscal - Administration 11/05/2009
TA 218 Active Name Change: Texas Early Education Model becomes Texas School Ready! Grant Project

Child Care, TWIST, WIA 11/05/2009
WD 47-09 Active Job Training Course Requirements for English as a Second Language Classes All Programs 11/30/2009
WD 53-09 Active Guidelines for Safeguarding the Issuance of Nonmonetary Incentives for Workforce Investment Act and Choices Participants TANF/Choices, WIA 12/23/2009
WD 25-09, Chg 1 Active Contracting with Institutions of Higher Education and Other Eligible Training Providers—Update Recovery Act 04/12/2010
WD 17-10 Active Outreach and Promotional Materials, Advertising, Sponsorships, Employee Apparel, and Award Ceremonies Charged to Grant Awards and Subawards Funded through the Texas Workforce Commission General 05/11/2010
TA 225 Active Customers Requiring Relay Services ES 07/09/2010
WD 14-10, Chg 1 Active Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Subsidized Employment Initiatives—Update

Financial Reporting, SNAP E&T, TANF/Choices, TWIST 07/15/2010
TA 226 Active Universal Service Administrative Company’s Low Income Program: Phone Service Discounts All Programs 07/26/2010
TA 228 Active Required Workplace Posters General 09/01/2010
WD 35-10 Active Workforce Investment Act Individual Employment Plan for Adults and Dislocated Workers Enrolled in Training TWIST, WIA, WorkInTexas.com 10/12/2010