Workforce Policy and Guidance

Workforce Policy and Guidance

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WD Letters, AEL Letters, and TA Bulletins

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Guidance Numbersort descending Status Subject Keywords Publication Date
WD 25-21, Chg 1 Active Guidance on the Use of Metrix Learning™ Industry Certifications—Update

General, WIOA, 05/20/2022
TA 251, Chg 1 Active Child Care Local Match Activities and Certified Public Expenditure Sources—Update Child Care 12/08/2015
TA 252 Active Entering Board Contract Year Parent Share of Cost Amounts into The Workforce Information System of Texas Child Care, TWIST 08/09/2012
TA 256 Active Coenrolling Customers in Trade Adjustment Assistance and Workforce Investment Act Services TAA, WIA 11/29/2012
TA 259 Active Provision of Meals and Refreshments All Programs, Fiscal - Administration 04/22/2013
WD 26-00 Active Continuing Training Services When Training Providers Do Not Remain on the Statewide List of Certified Training Providers WIA 03/31/2000
WD 26-03 Active Workforce Investment Act Eligible Training Provider System: Ensuring Compliance with Proprietary Schools Rules WIA 06/27/2003
WD 26-17 Active Fiscal Year 2018/Program Year 2017 Child Care, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families/Choices, Employment Service, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Employment and Training Formula Allocations; Additional Funding for the Smallest Local Workfo Child Care, ES, Fiscal - Allocations, SNAP E&T, TANF/Choices 09/08/2017
WD 26-18 Active Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) Version 11&12 AEL, TANF/Choices, WIOA 11/12/2018
WD 26-20, Chg 1 Active Reinstatement of the Child Care Work Requirement and Discontinuance of Extended Eligibility Redetermination Periods—Update

Child Care, Natural Disaster 11/17/2020
WD 26-21 Active Customer Load Exceptions SNAP E&T, TANF/Choices, TWIST 12/28/2021
TA 261 Active U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Work-Study Program All Programs 05/30/2013
TA 263 Active The Workforce Information System of Texas Trade Adjustment Assistance Desk Aid

TAA, TWIST 09/04/2013
TA 266 Active Texas Health and Human Services Commission Data Discrepancies SNAP E&T, TANF/Choices, TWIST 02/12/2014
TA 267 Active State Data Validation Requirements: Eliminating Data Element Errors in TWIST TAA, TWIST, WIA, 04/09/2014
WD 27-07 Active Integrated Data Collection and Performance Management

TWIST, WIA 08/01/2007
WD 27-15 Active Texas Rising Star Guidelines Revisions: Application and Self-Assessment for Accredited Providers Child Care 11/06/2015
WD 27-17 Active Hurricane Harvey: Program Operations and Technical Assistance Guide Child Care, Natural Disaster, SNAP E&T, TANF/Choices, WIOA 11/09/2017
WD 27-19, Chg 3 Active State Data Validation Requirements—Update

ES, TAA, TWIST, Veterans, WIOA, 08/31/2021
WD 27-20 Active Common Exit Policy ES, NCP Choices, SNAP E&T, TAA, TANF/Choices, TWIST, Veterans, WIOA, 12/02/2020
WD 27-21 Active Texas Workforce Awards

Administration, AEL, Performance 10/21/2021
TA 270 Active Child Care Quality Expenditure Cost Categories

Child Care, Financial Reporting 10/01/2014
TA 272 Active Community Resource Coordination Groups All Programs 03/04/2016
TA 273 Active WIOA Requirement Changes in TWIST All Programs 05/12/2016
TA 274 Active Coordination of Services to Foster Youth All Programs 03/28/2016
TA 276 Active Child Care Fraud Detection Report Tools—Update Child Care, TWIST, UI 12/22/2016
TA 277 Active Determining Net Self-Employment Income Using a Standard Deduction

Child Care 03/21/2017
TA 278 Active WIOA Requirements Change in TWIST TWIST 05/19/2017
WD 28-06 Active Child Care Services for National Emergency Grant Participants in Job Search Child Care 04/07/2006
WD 28-07, Chg 1 Active Limitations on Salaries and Bonuses Paid with Workforce Investment Act and Wagner-Peyser Funds—Update

Fiscal - Administration 11/05/2009