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Unemployment Insurance System Replacement

The Unemployment Insurance System Replacement development has been paused. No action is needed at this time from employers and the pause will not impact your ability to access the current system. TWC will continue providing updates to the system development as soon as they are available.

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Important News for Employers and Agents

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) will replace the current employer registration and report filing applications with the new consolidated Texas Unemployment System (TxUS), with an initial scheduled "go live" date in mid-2023. In addition, the Benefits and Appeals portions of the system for the public will follow in 2024. 

TWC’s multi-year effort to replace its existing unemployment insurance systems and public facing web applications will improve customer service and quality, increase self-service options for employers, third party administrators (agents), and claimants, and enhance usability, and accessibility. Data security and fraud prevention have been at the forefront of system replacement efforts to ensure user’s information is always safe and that fraudulent activity is prevented.

The agency is replacing Unemployment Tax Registration (UTR), Unemployment Tax Services (UTS), QuickFile, GoAnywhere portal, and Magnetic Media with this new system. 

The TxUS will provide improved access and self-service options for employers and agents, including the following: 

  • Consolidated account registration and wage reporting in one system
  • Simplified wage reporting (quarterly reports) and easier wage amendments (adjustment reports) 
  • Expanded wage data upload features – ability to upload employee wage data in several formats 
  • Various file upload formats will be available ICESA (.txt file), Comma Separated File (.csv), EFW2 (fka MMREF-1), and XML (.xml file) 
  • Enhanced self-service access to account maintenance for employers and agents (for example, correct first wages date, update ownership information, etc.) 
  • Ability for employers to obtain an account number with a future liability date one quarter in advance
  • Separate portals for employers and agents 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my current User ID and password transfer to the new system?

Users will need to create a new user profile, password, and security questions when they log in to the new TxUS for the first time.

TWC will offer advanced notice and detailed system instructions to establish the new profile before any filing period.

Will my TWC account number remain the same?


Will the history on my current tax account transfer to the new system?

Yes, account history (reports, payments and documents) will transfer to the new system.

Is there a “go live” date?

The scheduled "go live" date is mid-2023.  As soon as a “go live” date has been determined, notifications will be sent to employers and agents. We will also post updates on this webpage.

What is an Agent?

An agent is a person (legal definition) who acts on behalf of an employing entity, including, but is not limited to, Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), bookkeepers, and employers. Agents need access to more than one account. All agents will need to have a TWC agent account number. The process for agent account registration is currently in development. 

What file formats are acceptable for uploading a quarterly wage report?

The following file formats are acceptable to upload a quarterly wage report:
ICESA (.txt file), Comma Separated File (.csv), EFW2 (fka MMREF-1), and XML (.xml file).

What languages will be available on the new system?

The new system will be available in English and Spanish.

How will I receive communications in the new system from TWC’s Unemployment Insurance Tax Department?

The user will select the communication method, either by email or regular mail. Once implemented, text messaging will also be available.

How will I know my data upload for my quarterly report was successful? 

A confirmation number will be received.

Can an Agent submit multiple reports (different employers, different quarters) in one file? 

Yes, provided they are the same file format. The original and amendment for the same quarter cannot be filed at the same time for the same employer.

What happens if an Employer forgets their UserID and/or Password?

Reset option available on the system.

Frequently Asked Questions on our website will expand as the project progresses.

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Communication History

Listing of all New System communications.

Agents Only New System Information

An Agent is considered any user who requires access to multiple Employer Accounts, including Payroll Service Providers (PSPs), CPAs/ Accounting Firms, Bookkeepers, Employers with multiple Employer UI Tax Accounts (i.e., TxUS Employer ID).