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This page contains information about programs and services that can benefit your business.

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1st Quarter 2021

Recruiting and Hiring Resources

In these unprecedented times, the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) is working with
Texas employers with the goal of helping individuals become gainfully employed. TWC
is encouraging Texas employers to use the reemployment services available to them at
no cost.
Please visit our webpage Recruiting & Hiring Resources to find out how to post a job, review résumés, recruit potential
employees, learn about current employment programs, and identify potential tax credits
and hiring incentives.
Find out about the benefits of hiring people with disabilities and the contributions of
people with disabilities in the workforce on our webpage Texas HireAbility.


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4th Quarter 2020

Where to Report Workers

The Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) uses the following sequence of tests to determine where an employer should report their workers and pay unemployment taxes:
  • Location of Services
  • Employee's Base of Operation
  • Place of Direction and Control
  • Location of Employee's Home Address
  • Services Outside of the United States
To view the TWC Location of Services Checklist and determine where to report your workers, please go to our webpage Location of Services Checklist.

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3rd Quarter 2020

Texas Workforce Commission Tax Audit

The primary objectives of a TWC unemployment insurance employer tax
audit are to:
  • Ensure compliance with the taxing provisions of the Texas Unemployment Compensation Act.
  • Foster understanding by employers of the unemployment compensation law.
  • Establish a relationship between TWC and the employer through the distribution of information related to the unemployment insurance program.
A TWC Tax auditor reviews an employer's acknowledged payroll and searches the records for misclassified workers and wages.
Employment and payroll information that TWC obtains during the audit will not be published and is not open to public inspection.


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2nd Quarter 2020

Verify Worker Social Security Numbers

Verify Worker Social Security Number using The Social Security Number Verification Service provided by the Social Security Administration.
Employers Should Verify Names and SSNs Online because:
Correct names and SSNs on wage reports are the keys to the successful processing of your quarterly tax report submissions and calculation of taxes due.
Verification will prevent the need to make tax report corrections.
Correct worker information will prevent investigations when former employees file for Unemployment Benefits.


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