Board Awards Nomination Guidelines

Boards under corrective action (Technical Assistance Plan, Intent to Sanction, Sanction) may not be eligible for an award. Additionally, Boards may be ineligible for workforce awards if they have voluntarily deobligated funds directly related to a specific award or program.

Activities or initiatives recognized previously with Texas Workforce Conference awards are not eligible.

Nominations are limited to the SurveyMonkey links provided. Nominations for Board awards require Boards to submit the following information:

  • Board contact information (for example, contact name, email)
  • Confirmation that the Board Executive Director and Board Chair are aware of the nomination submission
  • An overview and a description of the Board’s contributions in the category
  • Supporting documentation for the nomination
  • Information for awards publication materials and employer logo

Boards must submit nominations for Board Awards via the SurveyMonkey nomination links provided on this page. Additionally, Boards may use the planning document provided for each award category, as well as the Tips for Nominations MS Word sheet, to plan responses prior to submission. The Awards Committee must receive all nominations on or before Friday, August 7, 2020. Questions regarding the awards may be sent to

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SurveyMonkey Submission Tips

The TWC Awards Committee uses SurveyMonkey for awards submissions. Boards may refer to the tips and reminders below to best prepare nomination responses.

  • Use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 11 when using SurveyMonkey.
  • Nomination responses must be completed in one session in SurveyMonkey; there is no “save” option.
  • All fields are in SurveyMonkey are required. If you have no response for a field, enter “N/A.”
  • To help you plan your nomination responses, open the Word document provided with each award description on this page, fill it out, then copy and paste your responses into SurveyMonkey.
  • Note the upload fields for additional documentation and the file type (PDF and Word documents) and size limit (16 MB).
  • When copying and pasting into the SurveyMonkey platform, formatting will not transfer. Once you paste into SurveyMonkey, please add any paragraph breaks by using the Enter/Return key.
  • There is no “review submission” option before clicking “Done” to submit the nomination on the final screen.  You may, however, use the “Prev” and “Next” buttons to move from page to page and review your response. Again, it is recommended that Boards use the word document provided to plan their responses.
  • Click “Done” to submit a nomination. Upon submission of the nomination form, a “thank you” message will appear on screen.


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Texas HireAbility

The Texas HireAbility Award honors a Board that has successfully promoted employment opportunities for talented and dedicated Texans with disabilities. The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding local HireAbility campaign efforts that have benefited both job seekers with disabilities and employers and to encourage and foster replication of best practices across the state.

Judging Criteria

Judges will evaluate nominations and award points based on the information provided. The nomination questions and possible points for each response are:

Nomination Questions

Maximum Points

Provide an overview of no more than 350 words describing the Board’s Texas HireAbility campaign activities, including the innovative ways the Board promotes the hiring of individuals with disabilities. Identify key partners and relationships in the Board’s campaign efforts, including how the Board partners with local Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Services staff to plan and implement the activities.


Describe the outreach tactics employed to raise awareness among employers and job seekers and employees with disabilities (for example, advertisement, public service announcement, face-to-face communication, social media, and stakeholder networking). Include a description of the Board’s efforts to raise awareness about the availability of VR services in the local area. Estimate the time involved in carrying out your outreach efforts.


Describe the Board’s strategies for helping individuals with disabilities to secure meaningful and gainful employment, including how the Board partners with VR to ensure access to VR services and employment opportunities for VR customers.


Describe the innovative methods or essential ideas the Board is using, including those in partnership with VR, to educated and encourage employers to attract, hire, retain, and promote individuals with disabilities.


Explain the results of your efforts. Identify the number of job seekers/employees with disabilities hired/promoted, the number of participating employers, and other key metrics that demonstrate the success of the Boards efforts.


Explain how others are using or might replicate these efforts.




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Registered Apprenticeship

The Registered Apprenticeship Expansion Award honors a Board that has engaged employers to develop new registered apprenticeship (RA) training programs or to expand the occupations of and/or recruit new apprentices to existing RA programs.

Judging Criteria 

Judges will evaluate nominations and award points based on the information provided. The nomination questions and possible points for each response are:

Nomination Questions Maximum Points
Provide an overview of no more than 350 words describing the Board’s involvement expanding registered apprenticeship. Explain the Board’s coordination/engagement with employers and industry partners using registered apprenticeship as a training model to meet an employer’s training needs, or to strengthen an employer’s workforce pipeline.     30
Describe the Board’s involvement with a current Department of Labor (DOL) registered apprenticeship program or programs, including its work with underrepresented populations and building career pathways. Please describe any underrepresented population or disadvantaged populations the Board is currently working with, including, but not limited to vocational rehabilitation, Adult Education and Literacy, foster youth customers, or if the Board is recruiting women in nontraditional occupations such as building trades.     20
Describe how the Board has coordinated with TWC’s Apprenticeship Texas staff or the Department of Labor in working with employers that have decided to develop registered apprenticeship training programs or to expand occupations of currently registered apprenticeship training programs.     15
Describe any outreach activities and research the Board has done to identify specific industry sectors or occupations that may benefit from registered apprenticeship as a training model.     15
Describe how the Board has involved other workforce partners to expand registered apprenticeship. Activities may include but are not limited to working with educational partners (community colleges, independent school districts, and/or Adult Education and Literacy partners) to develop curriculum for the related classroom training or to provide the related classroom training.     10
Describe the results the Board has achieved through its registered apprenticeship development and expansion efforts. Please include any details of increased performance including performance related to underrepresented populations.     10
Explain how other Boards might replicate these efforts. Additionally, describe how, if awarded, the Board participates in TWC’s Annual Apprenticeship Texas Conference and webinars/conference calls to share best practices with other Boards. Please provide as much detail as possible with proposed topics for calls.     10
Include a letter of support from a DOL Registered Apprenticeship Program (include the program’s DOL registration number) indicating the Board’s efforts in developing and expanding registered RA in the workforce area. NOTE: Nominations that do not include a letter of support will not be considered.     N/A


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Board Performance Incentive Awards

This year TWC will recognize Boards in following performance incentive award categories:

WIOA Career Pathways (awarded to four Boards, one in each quartile)

  • Percentage of WIOA adult, dislocated worker, and youth participants in training (35%)
  • Percentage increase in the number of WIOA adult, dislocated worker, and youth participants in training (40%)
  • Percentage of WIOA adult, dislocated worker, and youth training participants in training-related employment (25%)

Note: The time period for the adult, dislocated worker, and youth participants in training will be modified to account for the pandemic period.

Foster Youth (awarded to four Boards, one in each quartile)

  • Percentage of youth participants who are foster youth (45%)
  • Percentage of foster youth participants employed/enrolled in Q2, post-exit (55%)


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