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Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) provides searchable access to Workforce Development Letters, Adult Education & Literacy Letters, Customer Care Letters, Fraud Deterrence & Compliance Monitoring Letters, and Technical Assistance Bulletins. If you have questions about policy guidance, please email:

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Policy Letters

Guidance Number Status Subject Additional Attachments Keywords Publication Date
AEL 03-22 Active High School Equivalency Subsidy Program for Fiscal Year 2023 and AEL Program Year 2022–2023 AEL 09/28/2022
TA 154 Active Tools for Improving Services to Veterans ES, Veterans 07/25/2007
AEL 05-17 Active Self-Attestation for Age-Related Eligibility AEL 10/02/2017
WD 04-15, Chg 2 Active Cash Draw and Expenditure Reporting System Instructions—Update Cost Category Matrices , Cost Category Descriptions , Summary of Changes Financial Reporting 12/04/2015
WD 08-18 Active Trade Adjustment Assistance: Local Commuting Area and Reasonable Cost of Training Standard Trade Adjustment Assistance Reemployment and Training Plan TAA 06/21/2018
TA 198 Active Data Integrity Requests and Reports Child Care, TWIST 12/19/2008
AEL 03-21 Active Allowability of Funding Transportation Support Services with Adult Education and Family Literacy Act Funds AEL, WIOA 05/17/2021
FDCM 03-22 Active Subrecipient Monitoring Staff Responsibilities FDCM 03/04/2022
WD 27-07 Active Integrated Data Collection and Performance Management Integrated Data Collection and Performance Management Reference TWIST, WIA 08/01/2007
SR WFCMS-04 Change 1 Active Workforce Case Management System Questions & Answers—Update 10/30/2023
WD 04-23 Active Build America, Buy America Act: Compliance under Vocational Rehabilitation Contracts with Local Workforce Development Boards Build America, Buy America Contract Provision for Vocational Rehabilitation Contracts , Build America, Buy America Act Waiver Request Instructions for Boards , Sample Steps for Identifying a Need for a BABAA Waiver Request for a Contract for Infrastructure Project Costs VR 06/07/2023
WD 02-18 Active Handling and Protection of Personally Identifiable Information and Other Sensitive Information Administration, All Programs, General 03/23/2018
TA 199 Active Clarification on Public Subsidies and Goods and Services All Programs 12/02/2008
AEL 02-21 Active Program Year 2020–2021 AEL Targets and Performance-Based Funding Program Year 2020–2021 Adult Education and Literacy Enrollment and Performance Targets , Program Year 2020–2021 Performance-Based Funding Criteria , TEAMS Activity and Funding Codes for AEL Core Grantee Enrollment Targets AEL, WIOA 04/14/2021
WD 19-19 Active Federal Appeals Process for WIOA Title I Noncriminal Grievances and Complaints WIOA 08/15/2019
TA 226 Active Universal Service Administrative Company’s Low Income Program: Phone Service Discounts All Programs 07/26/2010
TA 153 Active Ensuring the Quality of Veteran Job Seekers' Applications in ES 07/24/2007
WD 06-19, Chg 1 Active Incumbent Worker Training—Update Incumbent Worker Training Tracking Tool , Notification Form for Incumbent Worker Training , Revisions to WD Letter 06-19 Shown in Track Changes WIOA 06/06/2023
AEL 02-20, Chg 1 Active Program Year 2019–2020 Performance-Based Funding and Performance Allocation Holdbacks—Update AEL PY’19/FY’20 Performance-Based Funding Holdback Quarter 3 Release , Revisions to AEL Letter 02-20 Shown in Track Changes AEL 06/04/2020
AEL 02-14 Active Contract Amendment Process for Adult Education and Literacy and English Literacy and Civics Grantee Contracts Ending August 31, 2014 Schedule #6—Program Budget Summary—Federal and State Adult Education , Schedule #6—Program Budget Summary—Federal and State TANF , Schedule #6—Program Budget Summary—English Literacy and Civics AEL 04/09/2014
WD 16-08, Chg 1 Active Prevention and Detection of Fraud, Waste, Theft, and Program Abuse – Update Administration 10/28/2008
WD 16-14, Chg 2 Active Equal Opportunity Notice—Update Notice—Equal Opportunity Is the Law (English version) , Notice—Equal Opportunity Is the Law (Spanish version) , USDA “And Justice for All” Poster , Revisions to WD Letter 16-14, Change 1, Shown in Track Changes Equal Opportunity, SNAP E&T, WIOA 03/10/2021
AEL 05-15 Active Distance Learning Expansion Funding Initiative Distribution with Texas High School Equivalency Preparation Emphasis Program Year 2014 Adult Education and Literacy Distance Learning Expansion Initiative Funding Distribution AEL 05/29/2015
WD 04-22 Active Job Development Code in ES, 03/07/2022
WD 36-05 Active Payment of Royalties on Intellectual Property Created with Federal Grant Funds Training and Employment Guidance Letter No. 31-04 Fiscal - Administration 06/13/2005
WD 02-23, Change 1 Active Adoption of a Universal Employment Plan—Update Attachment 1: Revisions to WD Letter 02-23 Shown in Track Changes ES, General, NCP Choices, RESEA, SNAP E&T, TAA, TANF/Choices, TWIST, Veterans, WIOA, 11/14/2023
WD 03-21, Chg 1 Active Changes Affecting the Uniform Guidance (2 CFR Part 200) and Texas Uniform Grant Management Standards—Update Revisions to WD Letter 03-21, Shown in Track Changes All Programs, Fiscal - Administration 10/15/2021
WD 13-22, Chg 1 Active Online Learning Management Systems and Performance Expectations—Update Online Learning Management Systems and Performance Expectations—Update TANF/Choices 03/27/2023
TA 266 Active Texas Health and Human Services Commission Data Discrepancies SNAP E&T, TANF/Choices, TWIST 02/12/2014
WD 04-08 Active Procedure for Updating Directory of Workforce Centers and Satellite Offices Office Directory Information Form (Y-9) , Instructions for Completing Office Directory Information Form (Y-9) General 03/28/2008
WD 20-20, Chg 2 Active COVID-19 and Additional Enhanced Reimbursement Rate Funding Distributions—Update CCDBG CARES Act Funding Table , Revisions to WD 20-20, Change 2, Shown in Track Changes Child Care, Natural Disaster 02/12/2021
AEL 06-18, Chg 1 Active Adult Education and Literacy Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Eligibility—Update Table of Substantive Revisions to AEL Letter 06-18 , Revisions to AEL Letter 06-18 Shown in Track Changes AEL, TANF/Choices 08/13/2019
WD 02-21, Chg 1 Active Texas Rising Star Staff Education Extensions—Update Texas Rising Star Education Extensions Progress Report , Revisions to WD Letter 02-21 Shown in Track Changes Child Care 09/23/2022
WD 13-23 Active RESEA Exemptions, Outreach, and Appointment Cancelations Outreach Scripts RESEA, 09/05/2023
21-23, Change 1 Active Local Workforce Development Board Membership—Update Revisions to WD Letter 21-23 Shown in Track Changes Administration, Child Care, WIOA 11/20/2023
TA 280, Chg 2 Active Determining High-Poverty Geographic Areas Revisions to TAB 280, Change 1, Shown in Track Changes WIOA 10/12/2021
AEL 02-23 Active Reporting Adult Education and Literacy Career Services and Training Services AEL 03/08/2023
TA 263 Active The Workforce Information System of Texas Trade Adjustment Assistance Desk Aid TWIST TAA Desk Aid TAA, TWIST 09/04/2013
WD 33-07 Active Training Services Information in The Workforce Information System of Texas FSE&T, TAA, TANF/Choices, TWIST, WIA 06/06/2007
AEL 03-20, Chg 1 Active Remote Testing, Waivers, and Performance in Adult Education and Literacy for Program Year 2020–2021 Revisions to AEL Letter 03-20 Shown in Track Changes AEL, Natural Disaster, WIOA 01/25/2021
AEL 02-19 Active Collection of Certain Participant Information for Performance Reporting AEL, TANF/Choices, WIOA 08/08/2019
TA 225 Active Customers Requiring Relay Services Equal Opportunity, ES 07/09/2010
WD 23-22, Chg 1 Active Texas Rising Star Entry Level Designation Implementation—Update Attachment 1: Revisions to WD Letter 23-22 Shown in Track Changes Child Care 04/05/2023
WD 28-23 Active Guidance on the Use of Metrix Learning™ Services Metrix General Online Coursework Enrollment Goals—Count by Board , Metrix Industry Certification Track Training and Assistance Participant Estimates—Count by Board , Metrix—Texas Administrator Guide , Metrix Certification Tracks—Comprehensive Assistance Costs WIOA 11/21/2023
WD 07-23 Active Board Contract Year 2023 Child Care Allocation BCY’23 Child Care Allocation and Adjusted Targets Child Care 06/05/2023
AEL 01-20, Chg 1 Active Program Year 2019–2020 AEL Enrollment and Performance Targets—Update Updated Program Year 2019–2020 Adult Education and Literacy Enrollment Targets , Target Renegotiation Comparison , Program Year 2019 Adult Education and Literacy Performance Targets , Texas Educating Adults Management System Funding Codes and Applicable Target Categories , Revisions to AEL Letter 01-20 Shown in Track Changes AEL, WIOA 05/05/2020
TA 261 Active U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Work-Study Program All Programs 05/30/2013
WD 31-07 Active Workforce Investment Act: Ineligible Participants TWIST, WIA 06/03/2007
WD 07-17 Active Local Workforce Development Board Transportation Policies to Safeguard against the Misuse of Funds—Update Administration, Child Care, SNAP E&T, TAA, TANF/Choices, WIOA 02/07/2017
WD 16-19 Active Collection of Limited English Proficiency Status and Preferred Language Data Equal Opportunity, TWIST, WIOA 06/18/2019